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If there aren't any, which types have the fewest?

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well before gen 5 ghost and dark had no weaknesses

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No combination of 2 types can have exactly 0 weaknesses (source), though I can list those with 1 weakness.
bug steel (fire)
water ground (grass, and maybe freeze-dry)
poison dark (ground)
normal ghost (dark)
ghost dark (fairy)
Normal and electric also have 1 weakness each, but they aren't dual types.

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The Water/Ground-type is hiding an Electric weakness under its immunity.
The Poison/Dark … a Psychic weakness under its immunity.
Normal/Ghost … both Fighting and Ghost weaknesses under its immunity.
And Ghost/Dark … a Fighting weakness under its immunity.
Hitting a water ground Pokemon with an electric attack displays, "It does not affect (water ground Pokemon)..." not "It's super effective!" so it doesn't count as a weakness.
Only if they hold Ring Targets, is what I'm getting at.
I guess so. Some of them also get more weaknesses when hit by foresight, odor sleuth, or miracle eye.
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There are none. The only Pokémon with no weakness naturally is Eeleektros. The closest dual types there are to no weakness is Water/Ground, as it’s only weakness is Grass, which isn’t a very common offensive typing anyways. However, it’s weakness to Grass is x4, so you could count that as 2 weaknesses depending on what way you look at it. Ground/Flying types only weakness is Ice, but as stated above, the weakness is x4, so it could count as 2.

what about dark ghost? it is only 2x weak to fairy
Yeah, but it doesn't have No Weakness so it's not up on here.
Water/Ground is 4x weak to Grass (and 2x weak to Electric when holding Ring Target). Ground/Flying is 4x weak to Ice and 2x weak to Water (and 2x weak to Electric when holding Ring Target).
There are lots of type combos that only have 1 weakness. Don't need to mention or list any, except maybe Dark/Ghost because that used to have no weakness.
Unless Odor Sleuth or Fore Sight is used on it or if it's holding Ring Target, it'll be weak to Fighting.
Part of the question asked, "which types have the fewest," so I guess there is a need to list them.
Well, yeah.