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I've always wondered what the game means by "a little" and "a lot".

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Nuivo, this question is so incredibly vague, are you sure this is *all* you can give us? What says "a little" and "a lot" in USUM relating to EVs?
Where does the game say "a little" and "a lot"?
A(n) >item<. It raises the Pokemon's >stat< a little/lot.
Can you give some examples on which items it says that?
In festival plaza Friendship Parlor *****:
Sweets Set (A-F) a Lot

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When the game says “a little” or “a lot”, it doesn’t always mean a certain number. It’s like asking “what number do people mean when they say ‘some’?” Usually when the game says “a little” it means 1-4 EVs. “A lot” can mean 4-252.

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