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I've always wondered what the game means by "a little" and "a lot".

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Which game are you asking about?
Ultra Sun-Moon.
I can't even figure out the details of what you're asking. "What is with EV gains" isn't very clear, and your description doesn't help.
Is it just me?
No Flappers, me too.
Does this help in any way?
Nuivo, this question is so incredibly vague, are you sure this is *all* you can give us? What says "a little" and "a lot" in USUM relating to EVs?
Where does the game say "a little" and "a lot"?
A(n) >item<. It raises the Pokemon's >stat< a little/lot.
Can you give some examples on which items it says that?
In festival plaza Friendship Parlor *****:
Sweets Set (A-F) a Lot

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When the game says “a little” or “a lot”, it doesn’t always mean a certain number. It’s like asking “what number do people mean when they say ‘some’?” Usually when the game says “a little” it means 1-4 EVs. “A lot” can mean 4-252.

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