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I'm trying to use the semi-legitimate Cute Charm glitch for legitimate shinies in my copy of soul silver without restarting my game. Hamsterbomb's video on YouTube didn't make much sense to me, so I don't quite understand what I need for the method to work. I do have an action replay that I'm okay with using, but I don't want to straight up hack shinies into my game. Can someone explain how this glitch/method works in soul silver?

I saw this video a few days ago which shows how to get a Trainer ID/Secret ID 100% Legit! And they beat thing is you don’t need an action replay! It took me a little bit to get use to the method, which is basically opening the game at a certain time, changing your clock, etc (Hamsterbomb mention it in his video, but it’s actually faster and, kinda easier than his semi-legit method with the Action Replay.) After some attempts at doing this method from the video (link is after this text), I actually got the trainer ID I chose (TID 02002 and SID 02012)!

Here’s the video:

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When you have a Pokémon with Cute Charm in front of your party, then (if this works, which is completely random because you don’t know your Secret ID) the Pokémon you find of the opposite gender and certain natures will always be shiny no matter what. If you’re okay with hacking, I’m pretty sure there’s a setting on action replay that allows you to see your Secret ID as your money count. Your Secret ID needs to be as close to your Trainer ID as possible.

You don't need to hack to know your secret ID. There are people on Smogon who figured out how to RNG abuse for it.
I never said you needed to. I said he COULD because HE said he has an action replay that he’s willing to use. (He doesn’t want to outright hack in shinies though.)