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So in Pokemon Yellow I was battling a Snorlax and it used Amnesia, which made its Special increase. After it used Amnesia, it used headbutt. It used Amnesia again and then this time, when it used headbutt, it was waaaaay stronger than before. Headbutt is Physical, so how come Amnesia made it more powerful?

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@Poipole it increases  spcial in gen1
All I can think of is that the game glitched, it can happen.
Where you fighting a different opponent?
If he was fighting two different opponents, that could explain why Headbut did more damage. If you are right, FlappersFlappers, maybe one of the opponents had a Pokémon with low Defence.
I did not siwtch. Poipole is probably right.

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Probably just a glitch, its a critical hit and you didn't notice, or your defense was lowered. What move did you use while Snorlax used headbutt?

Amnesia in Gen I only increased the special stat, which only affected Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Psychic, Ice, and Dragon moves. Headbutt was a Normal type move even back in Gen I, so it couldn't have been affected by it. There can be no other explanation other than the above unless you say what move you used.

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The special stat didn't affect dark moves.
Dark didn't exist in Gen I.
@Nuivo Oh yeah, forgot about that.

@sumwun Actually yes it did, unless of course your talking about how it didn't exist in Gen I.