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I recently came across a trade for a Ditto. I gleefully would accept but the request is a Zygarde. I'm wondering if I trade the Zygarde for Ditto, can I fuse another Zygarde in Pokemon Sun-Moon?

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You have a 10 percent chance of getting one on Mount Hakulani. Just get our own instead of trading a zygarde
@Red I don't see why not.
@Madness He means he has a Ditto and wants a Zygarde, not the other way around.
It’s very unclear what you’re trying to convey
They're asking if it possible to get a second Zygarde
Yeah, that trade is totally not worth it

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You can get multiple Zygardes. You can get 10% and 50% Zygarde, but don’t accept the trade, because you will never get 100% Zygarde, and that thing is powerful. You can find Ditto on Mount Lanakila with the + shape of grass.

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