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Are you talking about the battle sprites? The first games to have battle sprites that are always animated were Black and White. If my memory is correct, all Pokemon sprites have a short animation when the Pokemon is sent out.
the first thing that came in my mind was the facade glitch
If you mean which ones are animated, then all of them.
If you look at Regigigas sprite in bulbapedia, it shows him moving, but for Lucario it does not.

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Animated Pokémon front sprites return [to Emerald] for the first time since Pokémon Crystal. This feature was defined as standard for the core series Pokémon games ever since. Emerald is also the first game to have animated back sprites.

So if the sprites on Bulbapedia aren't moving then it's Bulbapedia's fault.

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I thought that starting in Crystal the sprites moved at the beginning of the battle and in BW2 was when the sprites started moving the entire battle.
In Crystal the sprites moved for the entire battle, but they didn't move at all in RS or FRLG.
@sumwun, you said the sprites move for the entire battle but they only move here when they first come out of their Poké Balls: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=f7eW9N_G414
I have crystal and the sorite only moves went sent out
He used a physical Espeon! It's so cringy!
Anyway, I guess I was wrong about the Crystal sprites. The sprites on Smogon sure looked like they were always moving.