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Celebi also travels through time. "Don't question my curiosity." - sumwun.

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well dialga was created before celebi sooooooo
Dialga created time. It's essentially the God of Time in the pokemon universe.
A better question would be what's the point of Celebi. Dialga was the mascot for an entire game, Celebi was just a mythical. Uh...this is one of those philosophical question, though...
@Smasher but celebi was intorduced first
so? the reason celebi exist cause xerneas gave its power to ilex forest to make celebi and shaymin. which happened after arceus made dialga palkia and giratina
@Smasher, Celebi was created by gamefreak first, so why did they create dialga
It’s about the timeline not the actual game
? Wut?
The games release date don’t necessarily relate to the Pokémon timeline.

@Moonlit Game Freak already had Magikarp so why did they create Feebas? They already had Pikachu so why did they create Pachirisu and Dedenne?
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Dialga is the master of time.
Celebi travels through time.
There is a clear difference.

Your question is like-What's the point of Palkia? I too move across space everytime I walk.

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