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I'm trying to get the IV Checker in Ultra Sun, (Still haven't done that yet...) you need to hatch 20 eggs to get it and I want it to take as minimal time as possible. Thanks in advance!

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A Japanese Caterpie with an English Caterpie that you caught in Ultra Sun/Moon should work.
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Magikarp and Gyrados, has the least amount of egg cycles at 5. That means it will take around 255*5 steps to hatch the egg. If you breed Pokemon with different IDs they should breed faster too.

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I knewd this without scource
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What is "if you breed Pokemon with ids they should breed faster" supposed to mean?
It means use Pokémon with different trainer IDs. It is just a tad cryptic.
Pokemon of the same species also breed faster, right?
I think. I am not the best breeder...
@sumwun yes they do