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So, I caught a Naive Pheromosa with 4 perfect IV’s. Perfect IV’s in Atk, SpAtk and Spd, but unfortunately I also got SpDef as well despite it being Spd+, SpDef -

Would it be worth keeping or would I have to find one with better IV’s in HP?

It depends what you want to use this Pheromosa for.
All Ultra Beasts, Box Art Legends (and some other Legends), and Mythicals come with only 3 perfect IVs, not 4.
They can have more than 3. They just don't always have more than 3.
Why didn't you still choose a best answer or at least tell what else you need to know?
You do realize that the Jimbob person is most likely not on this site anymore?
Just hyper train it

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Getting a 4 IV Pokemon in the ultra warp ride is quite rare. Add to it the factor that it has perfect IVs in exactly the stats pheromosa is any good at and a perfect nature, you have an excellent Pokemon.
I recommend you use it all you need.
Still want a six IV pheromosa? Farm shards from poké pelago, and exchange it for bottle caps to hyper train your pheromosa!
Anyway, pheromosa is so exceedingly frail that it is OHKOed even with resisted hits, so there is really no point.
Use it as a mixed wallbreaker with a focus sash.
Hope my opinion helped!

Include hyper training plz
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I might keep it just in case, but you should probably try to find one that's better. If you cant, use the other as a last resort.

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@MoonlitMadness, not necessarily. My wall explains (near the bottom).

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