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Guys how I can raise friendship from a Pokémon in DP, I want to evolve Budew

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I thought having your Pokémon to lead your team and 'a' (I forgot which one) bell helps too.

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These things will raise a Pokemon's friendship:
Ribbon Syndicate massage
EV berry
leveling up
Veilstone City massage
battling a gym leader, elite 4 member, or champion
128 steps
learning a TM or HM move (make sure you don't break copyright law when using a trademark move)
X items (including dire hits and guard specs)

These things will lower a Pokemon's friendship:
surviving poison outside of battle (probably doesn't apply to Budew)
bitter herbs

The easiest ways to evolve Budew are probably leveling up, EV berries (any of the 6 except Hondew and Tamato), vitamins (specifically the calcium and carbos), and the Veilstone City massage. Use a soothe bell if you can.

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There a lot of ways. Go to the section that is about gen IV.

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