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My son is really into Pokemon, it happened I think because I loved Pokemon when I was well into my teens lol and when I had him ever since he was a small baby I found him a reason to watch Pokemon... but anyway, I ordered him some action figures from Ebay. One pack was really good, and the other pack was really bad. I was able to identify about 21/24, but 3 I can't figure out, and my son wants all their names so he can play with them correctly.

Some of the figures have coloring that is off, like Zorua is a light purple ..!


( just so you know the coloring could be off in ways.)
i can't upload any pictures I don't know why! so I just posted links

This one I felt like I have seen before, but I can't remember his name... I thought it might have been from XY but I can't figure it out>>


These two no way I can figure out>>





I am expecting some more in the mail .. so if they are low quality like these I may need some more help!

thanks a lot

hey thanks! he has a couple pokedolls..  charmander, pikachu (he had a pichu but he *disappeared* somehow) he wants more, he brings pikachu literally everywhere with him.. pikachu is currently in his bookbag at school.  
he also has one of the pikachu hats with the protruding ears..  he would wear it all day everyday if i let hime

those tomy XXL figures are way good, he has a snorlax that is one of them, but i am going to look into getting the whole set for his birthday.  

my son is 4.  i am not the kind of mom that let's him watch tv all day or anything, he picks up on things really fast.... he could tell you about outerspace and the names of all these dwarf planets and moons that you probably never heard of... and he remembers the names so easily to the characters from the shows, he says to me a lot "mom i want to go there, is that on earth?" and i'm like man i really wish you could.  
my son used to be pikachu, but now, he is a chespin..

it is awesome might i say.  when i told my mom about it she laughed because when pokemon came out i was only 5 and i was so into it (my niece and i were the same age only 4 months apart and played and traded cards until we were like 13)

we both had a 3 foot pikachu plush. it was amazing.

but enough ramble,
thanks a lot for the help!
Big ups for being a good parent.
The first looks like a Blaziken and Minshao combination.
You are your son have such an amazing bond! You are an awesome parent! Keep up the good work!
That’s pretty good. You are letting him have a lot of fun, and you are also teaching him stuff so he can get ready for KG. Actually couldn’t he have already started KG? Idk but anyway My mom does the same :)
i am not sure how it is in other places, but here for the child to start KG they will need to be age 5 by September 1st, and my son will not be 5 until 24/feb .. he is in a full day pre-k program with kids age 3-5, and it is awesome and he loves it! he picks things up so quickly since he started school last september, and i am grateful for it.  

thanks a lot everyone that is so nice of you !! i appreciate the kindness i did not expect that ! :-D :-D !
the more I see it, the first one kind of looks like a mixture of combusken and blaziken ... and maybe meinfu? lol but thanks again guys!

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Not sure about the Pokemon immediately after the Zorua, but the next two are

Lairon and Torkoal, as far as I can tell.

Also, may I just say it's adorable that you're doing this for your kid? Keep being a cool parent lol, we need more of that :D

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The remaining unidentified one can be one of the legendary birds, or Pidgeot, or maybe a poorly made Delphox
Maybe a Mega Blaziken? In any case, they seem like bad bootlegs, there’s a lot of bad Pokémon bootlegs on EBay. I know that Wicked Cool Toys just released a bunch of official Pokémon merch; that might be worth looking into if you’re thinking of getting more for your son.
The first one is mega blaziken. It has fire coming out of its elbows, which kind of confirms it. Also it definetly not the other two fire-fightings
thank you !! :-P

they are so off! how could they make torkoal look like that!!

the "bootleg" set has a blaziken...
 i mean, it looks really nothing like mega blaziken, but i did wonder that also... so you're probably right if that's how they made torkoal and lairon look like.. my son is going to be happy when he comes home from school today that i find out the names!

 i had ordered a bunch of these smalll figures for him from different sellers and some pokeballs.. some of them are really good and good quality, but the bulk of them are like these, (but a liiiiiittle bit better.. )

thanks a lot guys!
i'll probably be back once i get the next batch in the mail hhh