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Which is more viable for setting Stealth Rock in Singles Competetive (I assume OU)? Please post reasons and ideal movesets!

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Heatren. terrakion is mosty a fast, swords dance sweeper
It probably depends on the rest of your team. I’d say Heatran is better overall, however.
You guys are forgetting that if Heatran finds a Ground type its pretty much done for (unless it has the Air Balloon, then what I just said doesn't really matter).
While Heatran is extremely weak to ground Pokemon, it is good at checking other types.
I have both on my team and can't be bothered to use anything else. I was thinking 'Tran but Terrakion could be used for the unexpectedness of it. Meh I dunno
Terrakion is also done for if it finds a ground type. I'm almost certain Heatran is better at using stealth rock simply because less stuff can threaten it.
TBH I think I'll probably use Heatran just cause it's so versatile. But Air Balloon or Shuca Berry??
Leftovers. Ground attacks are not really that common.

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Terrakion would have a hard time in OU as a stealth rock user, since it would lose a lot of momentum unless you get a good switch in. You generally want to use it as a sweeper and then you'd rather have one extra attacking move for coverage. It's not that good defensively either so setting up rocks can be difficult. Therefore I recommend Heatran instead.

Heatran is very versatile. You could give it a Z-crystal. Leftovers or even as you said Air Balloon or Shuca Berry. However I'd recommend not worrying too much about the ground weakness, it is better to switch out in situations where Heatran is threatened by ground types.

Its ability Flash Fire is good if you can predict your opponent, even if you can't it will put pressure on them. It synergizes well with Pokemon that are weak to fire such as Mega Scizor.

Depending on your team you could either go bulky with 252 HP or offense with 252 SpA EVs. The rest would be maxed out speed and the remaining 4 in HP/SpA depending on what you maxed out. Modest or timid nature.

When it comes to moves you want Stealth Rocks (obviously) + (Toxic/Will-o-Wisp + 2 attacking moves) or Stealth Rocks + 3 attacking moves. The most popular moves are Flash Cannon, Lava Plume/Magma Storm, Earth Power, but for coverage you could even go with Dark Pulse, Dragon Pulse or whatever Hidden Power you would want.

If you just want the standard Heatran you can use this one I took from Smogon.
Heatran @ Steelium Z
Ability: Flash Fire
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Modest Nature
- Flash Cannon
- Lava Plume
- Earth Power
- Stealth Rock

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