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For example in X/Y you get the starter Pokemon that your first starter is super effective on after you beat Elite Four. I wonder if I'll get another starter in US/UM. And how about in Sun/Moon?

You can get other generation starters by Island Scan, but I don't know about Generation 7 starters.
theres always wonder trading
You can only get one starter in SM, and I’m pretty sure the same goes for USUM.
Alright, thanks! Getting pretty sure there is no getting another Gen 7 starter later in the game.
You could breed your starter to get another one...
I think he/she/it meant another species of starter.
The GTS can help.
@sumwun, Okay.
Hahaa, I picked Popplio, traded it to other game as soon as i could, and restarted the game and picked Rowlet. Litten I had picked previously so now I have them all :D:D:D:D:D
@Make - Good for you.

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No. You cannot get more than one Gen 7 starter without trading/hacking.

But, you can get other gen starters from Island Scan.

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