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A horse is heavier than a monster that eats everything...

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Dunsparce is a ft taller than lucario sooooooo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@PX ™ - I misread this question the first time I read it too but I read everything twice to analyze it so I don't make mistakes often... And I, don't come online when I'm super tired.

Hellfire Taco and Stakatacool practically (kind of?) answered this question.

@Octazooka - If Dunsparce stands on it's tail and sticks it's tongue out it's taller than Lucario (that's all I can believe).
Dunsparce is 4'11. He is taller than half the people in my 6th grade class lol. Lucaio is 3'11 but is shwon as tall as a normal 11 year old boy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@Octazooka - Wow.
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I probably should've answered a while ago. Here is my take on it:

Bulbapedia put this in Guzzord's bio:

Although [Guzzlord] constantly eats, its droppings have never been found. It is speculated that the entirety of the matter it consumes is converted into energy, with no waste products left over.

And this is from Mudsdale's Bio and Pokedex:

The mud around its legs gives its kicks extra force; one kick can turn a car into a scrap pile. When galloping, its hooves can dig holes in asphalt.

Its heavy, mud-covered kicks are its best means of attack, and it can reduce large trucks to scrap without breaking a sweat.

Guzzlord lacks weight in that it has a large mouth cavity, which is mostly empty space. Guzzlord's food is converted into energy, so it is likely not weighing Guzzlord down. We know, from the Pokemon Company's Sun and Moon Adventure Guide that Guzzlord's tongue (And most likely the rest of it's body) is made of a Rubbery Material. One cubic meter of rubber weighs about 1,522 Kilograms.

Mudsdale, on the other hand, is a horse. Horses are pretty fricken heavy. People who rode horses in war were constantly aware of the threat of their horse falling or dying, because the horse would probably break their legs and be too heavy to remove. Most Horses can weigh from 380 to 550 Kilograms (about half a ton), and those horses are 1.63 meters high. But Mudsdale isn't your ordinary horse. Mudsdale towers over that horse at 2.5 meters high. It can break cars in one kick, which requires serious weight. And Mudsdale has it, in the form of mud and some sort of rocky body. Mud is dirt and water, and water is surprisingly heavy in it's own right. One cubic meter of Sand filled water (slightly lighter than mud) weighs 1,922 Kilograms. Every burgundy-brownish spot on Mudsdale has that weight per cubic meter. Not only that, but Mudsdale's skin is likely made of a more rocky material, like Granite. One cubic meter of granite weighs 2,691 kilograms.

Therefore, Mudsdale, being a massively heavy and Tall horse, would definitely be heavier than Guzzlord, which is likely a lump of rubbery material. :P

Hope I Helped!

Source: A Weight Calculator, Knowledge, HT, Experience, and the clickable links above :P

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First of all, the dex says, (Enter annoying Oak voice here.)

A dangerous Ultra Beast, it appears to be eating constantly, but for some reason its droppings have never been found.

Secondly, Guzzy has an ENORMOUS mouth, so maybe size isn't everything.
PLUS, Guzzlord is an Ultra Beast, so obviously, it has a different biology than Mudsdale. It may need hundreds of pounds to just keep its involuntary vital organs working.
Last but not least, the dex can get weird sometimes, and Pokémon is, well Pokémon after all.

I feel you should also add GF logic
This answer sounds like it's justifying Guzzlord being heavier than Mudsdale when the reverse is true. Some clarification?
+1 Though I don't get the last part of the answer.
@Fizz not exactly sure what u mean im stating reasons why mudsdale is heavier. i need clarification on your request for clarification
Here are some things you should explain in your answer:
- How does that Pokedex reference suggest that Mudsdale should be heavier than Guzzlord?
- How does mentioning that Guzzlord has 'hundreds of pounds' explain why it is lighter than Mudsdale?
@Fizz ya ok i know its a little late to be answering this, but I didn't say that guzzlord "has 'hundreds of pounds'," I said it may need hundreds of pounds to keep its involuntary vital organs working. remind me how old you are again, cause u definitly haven't taken any sci. classes. u know what keep ur age to urself. and ur comments.
@Fizz ya sorry if you think this is a "harsh 'tone'" (its not) butt try reading before you comment. and don't take it personal, trust me, ive met some really dumb people in my life