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I was playing Pokemon sun and I encountered a Turtonator, I didn't have it in my pokedex so I used false swipe then I saw it was effective. Its a normal type move so I dont understand why it was effective.

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Can you tell which pokemon used the move?

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Perhaps you mistook Turtonator as another type, or have been under the false assumption that Normal isn't very effective against Dragon.
Normal type is only not very effective against Rock and Steel types, and it does no damage to Ghost types. Aside from that, it does normal damage against all other types. Seeing as Turtonator is a Dragon/Fire type, there's no reason the move wouldn't do normal damage against it. Although the move only has 40 BP and Turtonator's average Defense is 135, so the damage is sure to be lacking...

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I dont think I explained myself correctly, what I meant was, that when I looked at the move screen, it said that False Swipe was effective.
On the move screen, "Effective" means it hits neutrally-which is true. Normal hits Dragon and Fire neutrally. If it says "Super Effective", it hits twice as hard. If it says "Not Very Effective", it hits half as hard. If it says "No Effect", it does no damage. :P
Staka just convert that into an answer tbh.
Oh ok thanks