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So, I was just hatching some Pichu eggs in Pokemon Ultra Sun since I had nothing to do and was just bored. Most of the Pichus that I got from hatching either had a characteristic that had a chance to give them good IVs in HP or Sp.D and had bad natures, but one Pichu stood out from them all. It had an Adamant nature with the characteristic "Impetious and silly" which if I am correct, has a chance to give good IVs in Speed. So can this be a good competitive Pikachu?

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Again, so that you're aware: everybody in competitive has Pokemon with perfect IVs in /every/ stat, not just a select few. As much as Attack and Speed are the stats you would ideally invest in on Pikachu, you are still at an inherent disadvantage for having imperfect HP, Defence and Special Defence. If you want honest feedback, the Pikachu you're hatching aren't actually good at anything, because anyone worth your time fighting already has a perfectly optimised one, with the same or better strengths as yours.
If you want to enter competitive Pokemon seriously, you need a way of getting perfect IVs (stress, perfect) and ideal natures on your Pokemon, which usually means acquiring a 6 IV Ditto (which is easier said than done). Also worth noting is that Pikachu itself is not viable in many game modes, and 2v2 isn't an exception (besides not really being a real format).
Sorry if this was harsh, but you can learn it now or you can learn it the hard way. If it's all too much, there is a much more accessible and quality platform for competitive play called Showdown: https://pokemonshowdown.com/
You still haven't told us the format...
Does this count as not answering a clarifying question?
Assume BSS if people don't respond in future. If that's not what they want then too bad.
The asker did mention 2v2 at one point though, which in retrospect I take as meaning doubles. So maybe answer for BSD if you like.

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Even if your Pichu had a good nature, there's no good reason to use it over something like therian Thundurus or Tapu Koko. IVs don't matter now that hyper training exists.

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