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Please don't question my curiosity.

No, that is not possible.  The only way to poison a Steel type is to use Salandit or Salazzle with the ability Corrosion.  Having the ability Corrosion would make it impossible to have Poison Point or Poison Touch.

It would not work in Double s or Triples either, because Corrosion applies specifically to the Pokemon that carries it, not to the team.
How do you know that poison point and poison touch don't work on steel Pokemon?
Because Steel-types can't be poisoned by any means other than Corrosion...
If you need a source, then just read this: https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Steel_(type)
Steel types cannot be poisoned through any means except with the ability Corrosion, having a Pokemon become a Steel type with Color Change after being poisoned, or if the Pokemon were to lose its Steel type through a move like Soak. This also applies to Poison type Pokemon, though a notable exception being if a Cascoon was poisoned prior to evolving into Dustox.
There is a weird exception, though. **Steel type Pokemon can be poisoned by Twineedle in Generation II.** This was later fixed in newer generations.

So, no. Poison Point and Poison Touch can't trigger on a Steel or Poison type, and Effect Spore can't poison. I also don't believe they can "trigger" for anything that would've blocked a status condition like Comatose.

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How do you know this?
Common sense
Well, it's the simple fact that Steel and Poison pokemon are naturally immune to being poisoned, and abilities that would trigger on them won't activate.
You can still verify simple facts.

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I tested this on showdown, this is the result. Disclaimer, I know that Showdown mechanics don't necessarily equal cartridge mechanics, but they are based on the in game code and mechanics and by manual testing, so its very accurate.


Multi hit moves have a chance to proc poison point per hit, which means that there are 5 attempts to proc a 30% chance.

This happens for 21 turns. 21 x 5 = 105 hits. 105 times that it could have activated a 30% chance and didn't. I'm not great at math but the probability that Bronzor could have been poisoned mechanically but didn't by chance is insanely small.

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The Whirlipede had poison point, right? Did you also test poison touch?
Poison Touch and Poison Point are the same mechanics just inversed (being attacked versus Pokémon attacking), there's no element to it that would allow the breaking of typing mechanics a la Corrosion nor is there any implication that it would work differently otherwise than Poison Point besides activation condition.

Only corrosion can poison steel types, there aren't any other exceptions.