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Caught dratini today and what is the best way to train him

Elite 4 over and over??????
Gen 2 has really bad grinding spots. The Elite 4 and S.S. Anne are the best places until you get Mount Silver. If you haven't beaten the Elite 4, surfing on the route before the Elite 4/Whirl Islands are the best grinding spots I ever found. :P
Did you win the 8th gym battle yet?
@sumwin In crystal I think u need to beat close to get the mon
Who is "close"?
Does this count as not answering a clarifying question?
You can give some advice for either alternative in your answer. If that isn't what the asker wanted, then that's their problem. I would assume they have beaten the eigthth Gym Leader, as it's very hard to access Dratini without trading unless you have.
Open disclosure, the person who asked this question is banned (dupe account) so you will not receive clarification from them.

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Put Dratini in the first slot of your party and give it an exp. share. Fight whoever you have to fight (such as your rival or the Elite 4). Switch out your Dratini on the first turn of every battle. Eventually it will level up.