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Help me. I want to use one, but I don't know which. (i was going to toss a coin but then I relised there was an entire community of poké-intellects here to ask)
Stats, EVs, Weaknesses and how they can deal with them

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I like the kingdra idea but my friend is restarting and we want to use one each as we both love either it's really just who would have the upper hand movepool-wise
Also, I have not actually started I just like to plan my playthrough teams and study how they defeat even their weaknesses with ease.
So you never started... I believe that you need Swampert if you want survive on your journey (or, make your journey easier since... You and your mons don't die in Pokemon games :P). It's good to plan for upcoming and future gyms by catching and training the right Pokemon. You can always go to one of the "What's a good moveset" threads on this site. Good luck! If you need more help with Pokemon, don't be afraid to ask a question!
Gorebyss is better because its special attack is better than Huntail's physical attack. Also, its best special STAB attack (surf) is always either stronger or more accurate than Huntail's best physical STAB attack (either waterfall or aqua tail). But Gyarados is better than both, so you should consider using Gyarados.
The real question is do you want surf on this mob?
Why not? Gorebyss would be using surf anyways, although you might want a separate surfer if you use Gyarados or Huntail.

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Huntail Gets Dark Physical moves while Gorebyss gets Psychic Special moves. The only statistical difference is that Huntail has more Attack, while Gorebyss has more Special Attack. I'd say that a lack of Psychic presence on your current team and being your best specially offensive Pokémon, Gorebyss would be better by far. It can also lean Ice moves, which are pretty helpful, and can get Shadow Ball for coverage. :P

You could also get it Shell Smash from Clampearl to make it even more powerful. It should probably know Surf, as the move is useful and is a good Special STAB move. :P

Just one thing: Gorebyss is a little slow, and being in the Erratic EXP. group may hinder it's effectiveness near the beginning of the game; however, it will become very easy to Level Up later and can be a very strong late game Pokémon. :P

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