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Hi guys, I'm facing Clair in Heartgold and all of my Pokemon's lvl are below 38.
What did I miss guys why are the lvl so low :(
Pls help me i'm a newbie.

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Clair's highest level is 41. A team of level 38 Pokemon should be able to beat her.
exactly only 3 of them are above 30: Gyarados, Typhlosion, Ampharos
the remainings are Crobat, Quagsire and Heracross
except for gyarados, the other 5 will be one shot by kingdra and gyarados can't handle kingdra :(
Perhaps you skipped plenty of skippable trainer battles?
i battle all of them, if i missed i think i didn't miss that many
i beat her and catched ho oh but my team's level is still very low :(
gyarados 38
ampharos 36
typhlosion 37
crobat 31
quagsire 25
i receive the dratini and it's 19 now
Grind. Fighting and or re-fighting the route trainers as well as fighting the Elite 4 over and over again are probably the best ways of grinding atm, but I could be wrong. :P
I think the best way is to use less Pokemon. The fewer Pokemon you use, the more overleveled they'll be. That's why most speedrunners use just one overleveled Pokemon and a bunch of HM slaves.
whick one should i focus on now guys, do i need to post their moveset ?
I'd say Gyarados and Ampharos because they're the highest level now. Typhlosion won't be very useful against Clair, so you can stop training it now and start again after you beat Clair.

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You didn't miss anything, you just didn't battle enough. :P
I suggest you start grinding, with wild Pokémon, and try to find trainers you might have missed. Shouldn't your starter Pokémon be over leveled? Also, I think this will have some good grinding spots.

Hope this helps!

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You might want to continue using Ampharos or Typhlosion in case someone in the post game uses electric attacks. You can also catch Pokemon that are stronger than Ampharos and Typhlosion, but I don't know what are that strong.
so i only need to focus on gyarados, ampharos and typhlosion ?
If you find managing six Pokemon too hard then you may prefer that playstyle. It isn't conventional, but obviously some people think it is more ideal.
There might be Pokemon that are stronger than those 3, but I don't know because I don't really play HGSS.
@magikarp2504, Your welcome. Also what level are the other Pokémon right now? If they aren't the same level as Gyarados then I suggest you grind with them until they are. Or you could take your chances with Gyarados.