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Mimikyu's base stats are unrealistically high for a Pokemon that's only 8 inches tall. Its base stats are:
HP 55
ATK 90
DEF 80
Sp.A 50
Sp.D 105
Spd 96

At level 50 with Jolly nature Mimikyu's speed almost unmatched. This is all before mentioning its absurd ability [Disguise] which literally negates one attack (free setup turn for swords dance sweep) which is just unreal. Also since this thing is a Fairy type it can OTK any legendary and pseudo legendary dragon...

Why is this thing not banned?
... and if it is banned it better stay banned, although if you go to ranked battles in Pokemon Sun and Moon people are using Mimikyu which is just so cheap. Sure you can whittle away at Mimikyu's health with curse and or toxic damage but do you really think you're gonna survive more than 2 turns against Mimikyu? Its literally the cheapest Pokemon I've ever seen in my life, so much so that I bred my own. That is not how I want to prioritize Pokemons; based on how cheat they are.

Its not cool.
Anyways, Twinkle Tackle is literally a OHKO on anything that doesnt resist it. I just cant stress enough how unfair of a Pokemon this is. Who in their right minds thought it was a good idea to have a mon that literally endures any attack and keeps full HP while doing so? Pair Mimikyu with Substitute Curse and Painsplit and... you get the point. It needs to be banned.

I forgot to mention, on top of beinf fairy its also a Ghost type, so it also has type immunities to moves like Fake-out or rreally anything that can help. Maybe you can use Gilosopod's First impression but that's just a waste of a perfectly strong priority move. Why are most Priority moves Fighting or Normal type anyways?

Bullet Punch is a fine steel type priority move VS fairy types, but again Mimikyu will stall that turn for setup.

You might be able to use a Pokemon with Mold breaker... but good luck with that since most mold breaker Pokemons are dragon type.

If you have ANY strategies whatsoever for defeating this 8 inch ragdoll please let me know. I'm at witts end with that mon.

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np i just want to know how to effectively battle this thing although I seen the Totem Mimikyu post and it mentions magneton resisting all of Mimikyu's attacks. Still that's too specific. There has to be a way where more than 1 pokemon can stand up to this thing.
I don’t think Mimikyu is that OP imho. Its relatively frail, and its attack and speed stats really aren’t that high if you compare it to other top-tier Pokemon. Steel types are one of the best ways to deal with it, though.
This is for competitive, right? What format?
Some Toxic users, Steel Types, Haze/Phazers, Faster Pokémon, Physically Offensive Pokémon, Physical Walls, Physical Tanks, and Revenge Killers Take Mimikyu out easily.
Consider using Lopunny-Mega, Medicham-Mega, Scizor-Mega, Skarmory, Bisharp, Tangrowth, Heatran, Landorus-T, Toxapex, Magearna, Celesteela, Ferrothorn, Clefable, Mawile-Mega, Tapu Bulu, Kartana, Alolan Muk, Bisharp, Magnezone, Gliscor, and Pinsir-Mega. None of these are guaranteed to work, but they can take down Mimikyu pretty nicely, some needing Mimikyu's Disguise to be broken, however. This could also vary by Format. :P

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Mimikyu is very powerful, but like all Pokemon, it has its counters:

Steel-types: Steel-types such as Celesteela, Ferrothorn, Heatran, and Mega Mawile force Mimikyu to rely on Shadow Claw to effectively combat them and have enough bulk to easily take boosted attacks if healthy enough. The former two, on top of being able to OHKO Mimikyu with their Steel-type STAB attacks, can even avoid taking heavy damage from a boosted Never-Ending Nightmare with a well-timed use of Protect. Stakataka, although it is less common, can take advantage of the Trick Room that Mimikyu may attempt to set.

Physically Defensive Foes: Mimikyu tends to struggle at effectively dealing with physically defensive foes such as Landorus-T, Porygon2, Hippowdon, Toxapex, and Mega Venusaur due to their formidable physical bulk. However, the former three do not appreciate Curse or boosted Let's Snuggle Forever if they have taken sufficient prior damage.

Mold Breaker Users: Mimikyu is reliant on Disguise to revenge kill a foe, and thus it struggles to stop Mega Gyarados and Excadrill, both of which can hit Mimikyu through Disguise. However, Mega Gyarados requires a boost to OHKO Mimikyu, and even if it has set up beforehand, it can still be revenge killed by variants of Mimikyu using a Focus Sash or a bulky EV spread.

Multi-hit Move Users: Icicle Spear from Mamoswine and Cloyster and Bullet Seed from Breloom can bust Disguise with the first hit and do heavy damage to Mimikyu. However, none of them can effectively handle boosted Mimikyu, and Breloom cannot take on Mimikyu without its Focus Sash intact. Torrent Greninja, especially if it is behind a Substitute, can take out Mimikyu with Torrent-boosted Water Shuriken if lucky enough.

Pivoting Moves: Normally, offensive threats would avoid the matchup with Mimikyu due to them fearing Mimikyu taking a hit with Disguise and retaliating with a strong Z-Move. However, U-turn and Volt Switch users such as Landorus-T, Tapu Koko, and Greninja can simultaneously bust Mimikyu's Disguise and let them pivot out without fearing retaliation.


Physical walls and steel types are the best way to deal with Mimikyu defensively. Mold Breaker Excadrill can OHKO Mimikyu through its Disguise.

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First use bullet punch to guarantee that you go first then hit it with a STAB steel type move I suggest dugtrio (alolan) with choice scarf to make its speed even higher and it's nature should be jolly because it gonna use physical attacks anyway

Why would you use Dugtrio when Kartana is so much stronger?
That's... a joke right?
Why would you use Alolan Dugtrio when Excadrill not only has better stats but has the ability Mold Breaker, which breaks through Disguise?
This was my first answer ever
That shouldn't matter. Can you address the questions you have been asked about your answer?
You shouldn't post an answer if you're not sure it's right.
I chose aloan dugtrio because it has the best speed of all steel types
Are there any important Pokemon that Dugtrio can outspeed, but Metagross or Kartana can't?
That would be incorrect because Alolan Dugtrio and mega Metagross have the exact same base speed. Do you have any other reasons to use Dugtrio over Metagross?
Dugtrio can hold an item to boosts it speed but metagross  needs to mega evolve
Are there any important Pokemon that Dugtrio with an item can outspeed, but Metagross or choice scarf Kartana can't?