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Also if you can, USUM too.

What would you need this information for, other than useless trivia?
Cus i wanna learn it
I don't know what those specific games use, but nintendo encourage the use of either Unity(using C# or JavaScript), HTML5 and C++
You don't need the same language to make the same game, so it shouldn't matter what language they use.
All of these options should be viable.

I will note that site seems outdated, only ever referring to 3DS and Wii U games when LGP/E are Switch games. I think you can still be confident the games are written predominantly in C++, but I haven’t checked anything.
I’m not convinced a studio like Game Freak would use Unity though — I’d guess they use a proprietary game engine.
I agree, it does seem outdated(though the question also mentions USUM) but it's the official developer portal so what can you do.. and I agree, Game Freak does very likely use C++ or a proprietary engine and/or scripting language.

But if it's about learning to make games I still think Unity is great starting point.

And just a related warning to anyone looking to develop for a nintendo system, please take their NDA seriously.
Ah right, didn't catch that.
So the main languages I should I aim to learn are C++ and Unity?

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Since this question was answered in the comments and it hasn't been actually answered and I want to rack up those points the coding language you need to learn are Unity and C++

Ik I didn't help at all

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They were probably made with their own game engine since Pokemon is a huge company, but wutever ill give u points.
Lol thanks
Unity is not a coding language.