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If I wanted to use a Shiny Zoroark would it

a: Make my Rare legendaries look Shiny, even if they shiny locked.

b: Would opponents be able to easily tell it’s a Zoroark or will they be a little shocked seeing a shiny shiny locked legend.

c: Would it be a waste of space? I would set it up with a Nasty plot substitute so opponents wouldn’t break the illusion that easily.

Bonus: How troll would it be to get sweep by a Shiny Magikarp.

I don't know what format you're playing, but most competitive formats now have a team preview when the opponent can easily see that you have a Zoroark.

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For a and b, No.

For c it, probably, would not go super well, seeing Zoroark has pretty bad defense, and you would most likely see your substitute being broken when you set it up.

In the replay you didn’t set up and the opponent started with a attacking move breaking the illusion.  Also Lugia is not Shiny locked. Also the Zoroark wasn’t Shiny. If you link a replay where you use a Shiny Zoroark to look like a shinylocked pokemon and started with a Substitute + Nasty plot combo and Dark pulse then you can have best answer
@falsebeganguy I already talked about your set up in my answer. The zororakr was shiny and even If I used a shiny locked legend, the illusion  still won't be shiny, just liek when shiny ditto transforms, the transformation is not shiny
I think your information may be incorrect. Pokémon showdown has literally the worst mechanics for Zoroark. If you can find like bulbapedia or something as a different source I’ll be good with it.