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I have over 900 fake cards. Is it even possible to obtain real Pokémon cards in this country? Any trusted websites? Taobao and EBay have never given me real Pokémon cards.

U live in China?
Yes. They should work on expanding Pokémon here, it seems like it has none of the other features.
Like transferring Pokémon from Gen to Gen is so ******* impossible here.
Maybe try Amazon? Most cards are only a few cents there.
Amazon doesn’t ship to China and most that do ship to China are either fake or take a year to ship.
Doesn’t’t China have super strict policies with the internet.
@BlackAce, yup, they ain't even allowed to watch YouTube or something.
All things associated with YouTube, Google, Nintendo and online games are banned. But...China has no copyright laws so everyone here sells fake sh*t.

No WiFi—my Pokémon games with WiFi including pokebank only have a 1-100 chance of working.
Man, that sounds like heck.

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The Pokémon Trading Card Games (集換式卡片遊戲) are available in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Mainland China with most of the cards, boosters, and theme decks nearly identical to the ones that were released internationally.

Yes, you can get real Pokemon cards in China, however, I'm not sure how hard it'd be to.


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