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Ice Beam
Dark Puluse

Which game is this?
What do you want to do with this Weavile? Are you battling in-game trainers or other people?

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is this a compititive or casual in game team?

Weavile has a horrible sp.atack stat so ice beam and dark pulse, which are 2 sp.attack moves can better be replaced by psychical moves like x scissor to leave a scratch on the opponent.
you can change ice beam to ice punch. it may have less power but it has the same effects as ice beam, a 10% chance to freeze but with weaviles almost triplet attack stat it does way more then ice beam.
dark pulse can be changed for night slash. again, less base power but with the way higher attack stat it does way more damage. + it has a higher change to land a critical hit which is alwas nice.
when we look at weaviles weaknesses we see that its 4 times weak to fighting type moves so aerial ace can be used to counter those. Weavile is also weak to fire, rock and steel types. all three types are weak to ground types so if your playing xy or oras you can give it dig to couter those.
If you can't give dig you can also go for the setup move swords dance. Swords dance raises the attack stat with 2 stages, which means 2 times x 1.5.
If weavile has an attack of 150 and you do that times 1,5 you get 225. swords dances races 2 stages so another time times 1.5. 225 x 1.5 = 337 attack!
so the moves we have now:
- ice punch
- night slash
- aerial ace
- dig/swords dance

I hope I answered your question but for the next time say what game your playing so we know what moves we can use.

Hope I helped

okay thanks but would shadow ball be a good move instead of areial ace?
Shadow ball is a special move. You can see special moves as moves that doens't make any pshycical contact like flamethrower, shadow ball, moonblast, dazzling gleam, energy ball etc...
Weaviles sp.attack is really low while it's attack stat is really high. pshycical moves are moves that makes, you know, psychical contact like ice punch, leaf blade, thunder pucnh, hammer arm and earthquake for some reason.
when you search for a move on this site you see an picture on the left that shows that it is a special or psychical move. special moves have a blue square with white cirkels in the middle while psychical moves have an orange square with a yellow esplosion thing in the middle. thats how I learnt what psychical and special moves were back when I started and it really helped me.

I hope I cleared things up for you and good luck on your journey