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I chaining to get a perfect Attack and Speed IV's (at least) Absol. The problem is that I have no access to the IV's judging function yet and therefore I have no idea if I'm getting the perfect IVs I want.

Same occurs when breeding, as I cannot check the values yet.

Also... How much SOS do I have to chain to gain a chance for hidden ability?

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You can just get a random IV Absol and hyper train it later.
Information about SOS battles: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/SOS_Battle
So...no way to know..
I have checked bulbapedia and serebii and what they say differs. Serebii says that after chaining 50 SOS I have a 30% chance to get a hidden ability, when in Bulbapedia it says there's only 15% chance...
Which is correct?

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You can easily use Serebii's IV calculator to figure this out. The IVs it generates may not be perfectly accurate, but it should be able to tell you for sure when an IV is 31. Also, in terms of the percentages you were wondering about, this is a very helpful guide that I used when starting out with the SOS method.

Hope this helped.