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I heard that its Claws may be made of Steel, but It makes no sense. Its sprite shows no way that it can be a Steel type, and its Pokedex description doesn't help at all, so please explain. Thank You

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I feel that they made it a steel type because he can only be obtained from iron island, also it is said to him having a steel heart so therefore he is a steel type.
this is a very old question so that means don't answer it unless the others are completely wrong, which they are not. plus that isn't a very good answer anyway compared to the others.
look at the spikes
How about Sudowoodo?
I have a theory that Lucario was based on iron man

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I know this is a resolved question, and there is 2 answers already, but I feel an urge to tell someone this:
Lucario: A Fighting-Steel type
Here is a few reasons why:

  • 1. Look at his fists:

I'm not sure where I read this, but Lucario is known to have iron fists

  • 2. Has there ever been a Fighting-Steel type before Lucario? No.
  • 3. Lucario's name originated from ORICHALCUM , a Japanese metal.
  • 4. I assume Game Freak wanted a viral Pokemon, and if Lucario was just steel, or fighting type, he'd wouldn't be in OU
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That is a good reason!
Rampardos has spikes all over, yet he`s a pure Rock type.
I know you know this, but i have to mention it. Sometimes the creators just want specific typings and creatures to balance things out, so they create some random things.
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To be honest, I don't think there IS a legitimate reason Game Freak had to making Lucario Steel-type. I have a few ideas as to why, though:

  • Lucario looks cool already, but pure Fighting-typing is so bland. Game Freak likely put Steel-type on him to make him stand out, and therefore, not be overlooked.

  • Steel-types are popular among fans, so why not make Lucario this way so that he's appealing?

  • Fighting is a bad defensive typing. To make sure that Lucario has some defensive prowess, he'd need a good subtype for defending...Why not STEEL?

I think these are all horrible thoughts, and I think it's a dumb thing to do, just because Game Freak wanted Lucario to be popular. Take a look at a few others. Just by their typing, you can tell who Game Freak actually enjoyed designing, and who they put in for fillers.

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I agree these are all horrible thoughts. And in my persanol opinion I think they just gave Lucario more weekness anyway.
actually it looks like a steel type anyway
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Spikes, i also have a theory that under its fur is a thin coat of steel, plus it did come out of a staff.

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What do you mean by "a staff"?
In the Movie "Lucario and the mystery of Mew" Lucario was trapped in a staff for a few hundred years. Though I do not know what Ike meant by this.
i think he meant that the staff was kind of like a steel rod
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i think it could be to make a viable option to use against the evil teams at that time. The grunts of the evil teams then used primarily poison types so lucario's steel typing would negate the poison type attacks.

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I think Game Freak made him a steel type because if he was just a fighting type, he'd be weak to flying and psychic types. But when you think about it, they also made him weak to even more types: fire, ground, and even fighting, his own type. When they did introduce the fairy type in generation 6, though, it evens out. Fairy isn't super effective on a fighting steel type, even though it would be with just a fighting type. I was kind of confused then, because fairy is good against fighting, but steel is good against fairy. And Lucario is fighting steel. I tested it on a link battle and my Gardevoir won against their Lucario. But I always feel sad beating a Lucario because he is one of my favorite Pokemon.

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