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I know this question might be closed, but i'm just dying to know. Everybody knows that Combusken is based off a chicken, but has even a single person put thought in if its actually based off a Therizinosaur? I know this is silly, but I have excellent points:
1. It has sharp claws just like a Therizinosaur
2. It has feathers just like a Therizinosaur
3. It has a beak just like a Therizinosaur
4. It has a long neck like a Therizinosaur
5. It is a bird, and birds have decended from dinosaurs, such as the Therizinosaur
6. And finally, the Sapphire Pokedex entry states, "This Pokemon's cry is very loud and distracting", just like a Therizinosaur

Yep, some people are probably questioning existence right about now.

How do you know what therizinosaur cries sound like?
I doubt it. Combusken is obviously based off something bird like, so saying that its having feathers and a beak make it similar to it doesn't really help, as birds also have feathers and beaks. Chicken also have long necks. It's definitely based off of a chicken.
I question existence on a daily basis, thank you very much. And when I do, it's not because of chickens -- it's because of dairy products.

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Oooh, an excuse for me to express some of my dinosaur knowledge.

First of all I feel the need to clarify that "Therizinosaur" is the term when referring to an entire clade, Therizinosauria. I'll assume you're actually referring to a specific, most notable, genus; Therizinosaurus, rather than an entire clade where the specific members can look pretty different from each-other.
Second of all, our most accurate reconstructions of what Therizinosaurus probably looked like is a five ton, long necked, giant clawed theropod.
Does this look anything like Combusken to you?

Also, I feel the need to express that people seem to think we know species exist because we discovered whole skeletons of extinct specimens. In reality, fossilization is actually a very rare phenomenon, conditions have to be just right for it to occur and even if it does then the fossils will probably degrade before anyone finds them. The dinosaur skeletons you see in museums? Yeah, not actually bones -- they're replicas made from the casts of bones because the real bones are too fragile to display. More to the point, paleontology isn't always as fulfilling a field as people sometimes assume. Fact is, we only know certain species exist thanks to a couple of fragments of a fossil, and the rest is completely up to the imagination. That said, these are currently the only known fossils for the Therizinosaurus. Notice there is no beak. Saying Combusken looks like Therizinosaurus just because it has claws and a long neck is like saying it looks like a flamingo for the same reasons :p

I do give you props for the fact that Therizinosaurus is a member of the Maniraptora clade, which are the few genus' of dinosaurs that did actually evolve into birds.

If there was a Pokemon based off of Therizinosaurus, it'd probably be a fossil Pokemon. That'd be awesome because I love Therizuinosaurus -- but Combusken ain't it it.

And now I'll wait for this to be closed and my super long answer to be forgotten in time.

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we all love a nerd :)
I know my theory is incorrect, but quick question: Why is torchic the only out of the three chickens, to be plumpy? I mean, if it's a chicken, it has to be somewhat fat, unless its based off of...

Haha, it really does look like a rubber chicken!
And I believe the reason Torchic is smol and plump is because it's...well, a chick! As somebody who has done some stuff with birds, I can tell you that a very little amount of their body mass is actual meat. In fact, a good deal of their body weight just comes from feathers. Chicks especially look bigger than they are because they haven't yet developed adult plumage, so what they have is a fluffy down that makes 'em look bigger than they are.

To put in in perspective, here is an adult barn owl (male): https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/c/c6/Tyto_alba_-British_Wildlife_Centre%2C_Surrey%2C_England-8a_%281%29.jpg/480px-Tyto_alba_-British_Wildlife_Centre%2C_Surrey%2C_England-8a_%281%29.jpg

...And here is an adult barn owl without feathers:
Now I want to see official artwork of a featherless Torchic.
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Combusken Is based off of a Cockfighting Chicken, or it may be based off of a basan, a basan is a fire breathing chicken. But in this case, Roosters are also loud and distracting,