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I'm about to take on the elite 4 for the second time in Pokemon platinum and need a good place to get my Pokemon to level 70

my team is:

Infernape lv:59 /Flamethrower, shadow claw, close combat, u-turn

Weavile lv:56 /Night slash, x-scissor, iron tail, avalanche

Garchomp lv:59 /Dragon claw, brick break, rock slide, earthquake

Floatzel lv:56 /Waterfall, crunch, surf, ice fang

Saraptor lv:60 /Return, close combat, fly, brave bird

Luxray lv:56 / Swagger, crunch, thunder fang, spark

You posted this twice, so I've kept the most recent one assuming this is most people's preference. A link to the first thread for reference: https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/326384/
You should battle the Elite 4 repeatedly until you get enough experience to win.
I’d probably grind with the highest level Pokémon you can currently find in the wild, that’s what I usually do myself.
The Elite 4's Pokemon give significantly more experience than wild Pokemon.
Also you should replace Weavile's avalanche with ice punch (so you can move first) and Luxray's thunder fang with thunderbolt (for more power). The ice punch tutor is on Route 212.
You lose a lot of money for losing matches late game. While losing money isn't that important really you could instead just grind s bit and buy X items to cheese the elite 4 instead. Just load up your Pokémon with defensive buffs, then speed then attack and healing then in-between.
I'm pretty sure that if you beat the first 2 Elite 4s and then lose to the third, then you still end up with more money than you start with.

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You should repeatedly battle the Elite 4 until you get enough experience to reach level 70. Trainers' Pokemon give 3/2 as much experience as wild Pokemon of the same species and level, and even more when the Elite 4s' Pokemon are much higher-leveled than most wild Pokemon.