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Are there any steel types with such a low appearance rate that it would help to use Magnent pull to get?

Low being less than 1/10


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Low appearance rate? In what game? Specify it to a game or a gen don't expect us to travel through all 7 gens just to find a super niche answer.
are you just asking what the rarest steel type pokemon is basically?
Would this count as a trivial question? This only helps you if you have the game that has the rarest steel-type Pokemon in it, there's not a better way to get it, and you want that Pokemon.
No. Answer purely based on encounter rate and if that encounter can be boosted by Magnent pull.
Any steel type Pokemon that has a 1% encounter rate(answer)

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The single rarest Pokémon whose encounter rate can be boosted by Magnet Pull is Lucario, which has a 3% chance of being called by Riolu in SM and USUM. There are several other Pokémon that have a slightly higher maximum encounter rate of 5%: Magneton (Emerald), Skarmory (Emerald, SS, ORAS), Steelix (B2W2), Mawile (Emerald, XY), Aron (X), Metagross (BW, B2W2), Magnezone (B2W2), Klinklang (B2W2), and Bisharp (BW, USUM).

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Can Lucario’s encounter chance be boosted is it needs to be called by Riolu?
The problem with Magneton in Emerald is that it's found in the same place as Magnemite, which is also steel type, so magnet pull is much more likely to get you a Magnemite and won't raise Magneton's encounter chance very much.