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Im trying to hunt for lucky eggs in platinum by chancey on r.209 and again and again no egg only oval stone is that way only in d/p? pls help!

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The chance of a Chansey holding a lucky egg is 5%. I think compound eyes raises it to 7.5%.

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As sumwun said, the chance of getting a Lucky Egg is only 5%, whereas they have a 50% chance of holding an Oval Stone; you're just getting unlucky. Unfortunately, there is no other way to get a Lucky Egg in DPPt (or HGSS) other than off of wild Chanseys. Leading the party with a Pokémon that had the ability Compound Eyes increases the likelihood of wild Pokémon holding held items, so that'll help out a little bit. Other than that, just having patience is the best advice I can give.

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So, I've been hunting this for like 15 days. I understood that if coumpound eyes ability raised the porbability of item held, is because it affected the generality of the code itself. So because it raises the whole probability of an item hold period, it raises the probability as well of the lucky egg. Maybe by 2% more or maybe a 1.5% but it was enough to make it happen today. So, I say.
First, start your hunt with compound eyes.
Second, get a pkmn that uses thief (Frisk is optional and I did not use it)
Third, Know your hunt:
1)DO NOT use pokeradar.
2)So, there is this patch in 209, by the south of it, to the left of a little pound. There, there is at the top two patches of grass. I only used those two. Because I felt for some reason that I would find it there and I did, so why not sharing that as well.
3)Thief them out or just master ball them even if the master ball is hacked lol, it wont affect... believe me.
Hope I helped orienting in how to really farm this thing out.