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Im trying to hunt for lucky eggs in platinum by chancey on r.209 and again and again no egg only oval stone is that way only in d/p? pls help!

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The chance of a Chansey holding a lucky egg is 5%. I think compound eyes raises it to 7.5%.

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As sumwun said, the chance of getting a Lucky Egg is only 5%, whereas they have a 50% chance of holding an Oval Stone; you're just getting unlucky. Unfortunately, there is no other way to get a Lucky Egg in DPPt (or HGSS) other than off of wild Chanseys. Leading the party with a Pokémon that had the ability Compound Eyes increases the likelihood of wild Pokémon holding held items, so that'll help out a little bit. Other than that, just having patience is the best advice I can give.

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