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My old post on the 'rate-my-team' area got hidden because I didn't know it was supposed to be competitive Pokemon only. But anyway...
I just started a new Pokemon Y game and my team needs serious help. Please tell me which ones to swap out, and who to replace them with and/or tell me better moves for the Pokemon that I already have. It doesn't have to be all in-game Pokemon, just please list the names of the Pokemon, and good move sets for that Pokemon. I really need some help, here are my Pokemon:

LV. 35
HP - 90
Atk. 58
Def. 55
Sp. Atk 78
Sp. Def 57
Speed 62
Ability - Blaze
Fire Spin
Flame Charge

LV. 26
HP - 64
Atk. 26
Def. 24
Sp. Atk. 43
Sp. Def. 35
Speed 41
Ability - Trace
Magical Leaf
Lucky Chant

LV. 29
HP - 76
Atk. 43
Def. 46
Sp. Atk. 54
Sp. Def. 55
Speed 47
Ability - Overgrow
Razor Leaf
Poison Powder
Vine Whip

LV. 26
HP - 73
Atk. 54
Def. 51
Sp. Atk. 35
Sp. Def. 61
Speed 56
Ability: Klutz
Jump Kick
Rock Smash

LV. 24
HP - 62
Atk. 30
Def. 37
Sp. Atk. 31
Sp. Def. 34
Speed 29
Ability: (?)
Cut ( Will remove later. )

LV. 23
HP - 56
Atk. 46
Def. 50
Sp. Atk 26
Sp. Def. 29
Speed 19
Ability: No Guard
Shadow Sneak
Fury Cutter
Aerial Ace

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If it doesn't need to be all "in-game Pokemon", then you should get 6 Kyogres and sweep the game with that. If you can't do that, then replace Kirlia with Aerodactyl.
-Hex-maniac- I really like those Pokemon's! But hey, I think you need to work on your Kirila.

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One more level and your Braxien will evolve into Delphox, and then it will learn Mystical Fire. Replace Flame Charge with Mystical Fire. You probably want to replace Fire Spin with something for coverage. If you have access to the Move Tutor, I'd recommend Shockwave to deal with Water types, or Signal Beam to deal with Dark types. You could also go with TM 99 for Dazzling Gleam for Dark types, with the added benefit of dealing with Dragons quite nicely. You might want to consider replacing Psyshock as well, but there are reasons to keep it alongside another Psychic attack.

Since you already have/are about to have a powerful Psychic special attacker, you don't really need a second one. Replace the Kirlia with something else. If it were male, you could have maybe kept it to become a Gallade instead, but you're still doubling up on Psychic type doing that.

Given its current level, Ivysaur looks pretty decent. I'd definitely replace Poison Powder with Toxic. It's a much stronger status, and works equally well with Venoshock. The evolutionary line favors special attacks, rather than physical ones, so you should be looking to replace Razor Leaf and Vine Whip to that end. If you were breeding for things, I'd do Giga Drain personally, for the sustain it brings. But that's an Egg Move, not a TM, so that may not be in the cards for your present time. A good alternative is Energy Ball from TM 53. Or you could use Solar Beam, with or without Sunny Day.

Your Lopunny only knows 3 moves? Or maybe you just missed one... Either way, I'm personally not a fan of Jump Kick (or High Jump Kick). There are other options you can use. Foresight is easy to replace. With.... anything, really. Personally Normal types aren't that interesting to use on a team.

Inkay/Malamar are more of a manipulator type of Pokemon, which can be incredibly powerful in PvP. Just playing through the story, though... there's little point. Once you get your team past about level 40, the only opponents that should pose any real threat to you are Gym Leaders, the E4, and the story's evil team boss. And even then, leverage type advantages and you're fine. The simple fact is that the random trainers you will encounter don't have any strategy in how they play, and as such, a Pokemon that manipulates based on that strategy (like Inkay/Malamar) is honestly a lot of wasted effort. That's not to say that you can't use them, by any means. But you'd be better off for the purposes of the story just assembling a team of heavy hitters that cover as many types as possible. With that in mind, I'd replace Inkay with something like Bisharp or Mawile.

Your Honedge looks solid to me. Just be aware that when you do eventually evolve it to Aegislash that it is the definition of a glass cannon. You will have to "stance dance" appropriately with it's signature move, King's Shield, if you do ever need to take a hit.

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Thanks for your help and reply! This is very useful information. I did actually forget a move for Lopunny, it was Pound, oops...
Again, thanks for your help and time.
Edited with more on the rest of your team.  Didn't have time to finish before.
Honedge is a Steel/Ghost type, and Mawile is a Fairy/Ghost type, can i have two Steel types on my team?
Steel is the tankiest type so you shouldn't have to worry about doubling up on them, but if you're using Mawile then give it a Mega-Stone because it's pretty fragile without one. I'd say personally that having a Steel type alongside Honedge would be a benefit, because having to "stance dance" with Aegislash can overshadow some of the natural buffs Steel-type has. Plus, Mawile can hit Dark-types hard with Play Rough, which covers Aegislash and Delphox's weakness. Mega Lopunny isn't too bad but it's learn-pool is pretty shallow until you have full access to lots of TMs, move reminder, and maybe move tutors in ORAS (if you can trade it). Replacing it would be a good idea.
I agree that Malamar isn't as great in-game and that you could probably supplement Gardevoir. Now, something I'd like to see just personally that helps with coverage, if you can't decide what to replace other members of your team with, is a strong Ground-type. You seem to have a decent balance between special and physical attackers, but what Ground-type you can choose may depend on how you replace the other members of your team because the sad thing about Ground-types is that they deal with difficult dual-types.

In the end what you do is entirely up to you. Glad we could provide some insight.
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Pretty great team if you ask me. What I do suggest is that you grind your Pokemon all up into the thirties, that way if you desperately need to use one it's not just twelve levels behind. Swap inkay for pangoro (pancham's evolution) since Delphox (evolution of braixen) is already psychic type. Generally if you aren't playing competitive fights then gardevoir (kirlia's evolution) is much better than Gallade so just let it level up to thirty and then you will be done with her evolutions. Gardevoirite (which makes mega gardevoir) is traded to you by the champion after you beat her at the end of the game; you can find her in a coffee shop in Lumiose city.
Apart from that, I think your team could fare perfectly against the challenges of Kalos.