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Share your best in-game teams for Pokemon Sword and Shield on this thread! Teams should be aimed toward making casual runs of the game efficient, enjoyable and hassle-free.

Please follow these guidelines regarding detail in your post:

  1. For every Pokemon on the team, give recommended moves for use throughout the playthrough. Ideally, comment on more than just the four moves you'll finish with post-game.
  2. You can include items, abilities, etc. but they are not necessary.
  3. Provide explanation and detail. Justify your Pokemon and moveset choices; possible discussion points include ease-of-use, team synergy, and coverage for key battles.

Please also follow these guidelines regarding the contents of your team:

  1. If you recommend a Pokemon that is restricted by version exclusivity, trade evolution or events, please mention alternatives for people who cannot get the Pokemon. Do the same if you recommend moves, etc. that are only available by breeding or grinding.
  2. There are some unspoken rules of in-game teams, such as to keep the starter on the team and avoid legendaries. It's kind to give other options if you break these rules.
  3. Do not recommend Pokemon, moves, etc. that are only available through glitches and cheats. Please also avoid Pokemon etc. that are only available through trade or transfer.
  4. Original content only. You may use ideas you found elsewhere, but do not steal written content.

Submit your team as an answer, not a comment. To keep things tidy, we will remove any teams posted as comments in this thread. If you want to update your post, use the 'edit' button.

Please be sparing with images and formatting.

You can assess your team's strengths and weaknesses using an online teambuilder, such as this one.

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Just so you know, richi3f put offensive coverage in this teambuilder. So now you can make sure your STAB attacks are super effective against every type. (and hope this isn't like Emerald, where a team that has every attack except thunderbolt is worse than a team of 6 thunderbolt spammers)
That link is dead! How can I access that teambuilder?
I replaced it with a different teambuilder. Follow this Smogon thread if you want updates on if/when richi3f's teambuilder will be accessible again. https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/3585346/

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This is the team from my second successful playthrough of Shield. To my knowledge, everything on this team is accessible in Sword, so you don't have to worry about making substitutions. This team focuses on two big things-type coverage, and hitting everything as hard as possible. There are a few setup moves, but you may not find yourself using them very often. I'll put in the natures I got, the items I gave them, and, just for fun, their nicknames.

Bubble 07 the Inteleon
Received as Sobble in Postwick
Item-Mystic Water

U-Turn (level 30 as Drizzile)
Snipe Shot (learned upon evolution)
Ice Beam (TR05)
Tearful Look (level 19 as Drizzile)

Sobble is your primary special attacker, though its Attack stat isn't too shabby either. It's fast, it hits hard, it learns some pretty great moves, what's not to like? Snipe Shot is Inteleon's signature move, with high Base Power and STAB, and while there are options with higher Base Power, it works well enough for the main story. Up until your starter learns Snipe Shot, I'd recommend using Water Pulse. U-Turn is mostly in case things get dicey and you need a free switch, but it can be used to deal with Piers and Marnie. Ice Beam gives you a massive advantage if you can get your hands on it, and hits for decent neutral or super-effective damage on most things. Tearful Look is filler, as I couldn't think of anything else to add, but it at least reduces the opponent's Attack.

Nevermore the Corviknight
Caught as Rookidee on Route 1
Item-Expert Belt

Brave Bird (level 50)
Steel Wing (learned upon evolution
Revenge (TM found in Ballonlea)
Hone Claws (level 8 as Rookidee)

If I had to describe Corviknight in a word, I would say-BULKY. Its Steel typing negates the Ice weakness from its Flying typing, it resists nearly everything, and its Defense and HP are high enough that it can usually tank a couple of super-effective hits. Brave Bird is Flying STAB and hits hard, at the expense of some HP. Steel Wing is Steel STAB, Revenge is coverage for Ice- and Dark-types, and Hone Claws makes Corviknight hit harder.

Roxie the Obstagoon
Caught as Zigzagoon on Route 2
Item-Black Glasses

Thunder Punch (TM Shop in Wyndon)
Night Slash (level 30 as Linoone)
Obstruct (learned upon evolution)
Shadow Claw (TM found at the Lake of Outrage)

Obstagoon will be your main physical attacker. It's a bit like Inteleon in that it's fast and hits hard. It's also immune to Ghost-Types, so that's neat. Thunder Punch is there to take out Flying- and Water-types if you can't use Roserade for some reason, but it'll hit for pretty good neutral damage on a lot of things. Night Slash is Dark STAB, and utterly demolishes Ghost-Types (like Allister's team) and Psychic-Types, of which there seems to be an abundance. Obstruct is just to be annoying and keep the opponent from doing anything. Shadow Claw is general coverage.

Haru the Roserade
Caught as Roselia in Rolling Fields
Item-Big Root

Toxic (level 40 as Roselia)
Giga Drain (level 30 as Roselia)
Synthesis (level 35 as Roselia)
Venoshock (TM found in Stow-on-Side)

Do you want to just breeze through the first half of the game? Of course you do. Just catch the Roselia in Rolling Fields and you can pretty much cheese your way through the first five Gyms. Roserade is your secondary special attacker. She's a bit bulkier than Inteleon, and hits just as hard. Toxic badly poisons the opponent, and powers up Venoshock. Giga Drain is Grass STAB and restores HP. Synthesis keeps Roserade in the fight longer and keeps you from having to use a healing item.

Kyubey the Sylveon
Caught as Eevee on Route 4

Moonblast (level 50)
Psyshock (TR25)
Sunny Day (TM Shop in Hammerlocke)
Last Resort (level 55)

This one and the next one are mainly here to handle what the others can't deal with. Sylveon is slow, but he can take a lot of hits and do a lot of damage, he's immune to Dragon-types, and he can act as a support 'Mon if need be. Moonblast is Fairy STAB, and your answer to Leon's Dragapult and Haxorus. Psyshock is coverage for Poison-Types. Sunny Day is to help the others, as it lets Roserade heal even more with Synthesis, and powers up Flygon's Flamethrower and lets it use Solar Beam without having to charge.

And last, but not least...

Sandy the Flygon
Caught as Trapinch in a Max Raid Battle
Item-Assault Vest

Earthquake (level 44 as Vibrava)
Solar Beam (TM found in Turffield)
Dragon Claw (learned upon evolution)
Flamethrower (TR02)

FLYGON OP PLEASE NERF. Even as a Trapinch, she was destroying everything in her path. I was supremely lucky to find one before Route 6, but if you can't find one as early, you should still do fine until then. She'll be your mixed attacker, even though her Special Attack isn't quite as good as her Attack. Her stats are good all-around, and she has a surprisingly diverse moveset. Earthquake is Ground STAB, and will pretty much 1HKO or 2HKO everything. Solar Beam is just in case things get ugly and you need to hit really hard. It should be used in tandem with Sylveon's Sunny Day. Dragon Claw is Dragon STAB. Flamethrower is coverage for Ice-Types.

Shadow ball is a better move for Inteleon because of the chance of SpD drop that's really handy. Besides, sunny day is great for most of your team, not all of it.
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Okay, so I just got both a switch and shield version. This team is going to be for shield and what I believe will be good enough to beat the post game battle facility. I will have g-max mons due to how early you can access the Isle of Armour.

Inteleon (G-Max) @mystic Water
Ability: Torrent
Snipe Shot (upon evolution)
Ice Beam (TR 05)
Shadow Ball (TR 33)
Air Slash (TM 95)

Inteleon is my fave mon ever.

Rapidash-Galar @Item unknown (plz suggest)
Pastel Veil
Psycho Cut (upon evolution)
Megahorn (TR 28)
Play Rough (TR 90)
High Horsepower (TR 94)

Rapidash-Galar is, to me, a really good variant of a semi-forgotten mon prior to gen 8.

Toxtricity-Amped @leftovers
Plus Rock
Overdive (lvl 44)
Poison Jab (lvl 40)
Drain punch (TM 63)
Thunder Wave (TM 14)

This mon makes my team because of how sick and cool it looks.

Grapploct - (replaced in post-game by)- Zamazenta
Grapploct: @Sitrus berry Grapploct
brick break (lvl 20)
Taunt (move to evolve it)
Octoblock (upon evolution)
Ice Punch (TM 04)

Zamazenta: Zamazenta
Dauntless Shield
Behemoth Bash
Close combat
Ice Fang (TM 67)

I decided to choose Grapploct because it is the best fighting type in Shield that isn't Urshifu that was in shield. I'm replacing it with Zamazenta because I always use the box art legend. If you aren't a legend user and use my team, keep grapploct.

Cinderace @expert Belt
Pyro Ball (upon evolution)
U-Turn (TM 56)
Zen headbutt (TR 69)
Scorching Sands (move tutor)

I think i'm able to get the starters with hidden abilities through home still. Correct me if I am wrong.

Glaceon @Nevermeltice
Snow Cloak
Ice Beam
Shadow Ball

Glaceon is my favourite eeveelution and can actually be obtained early in this game.

This is going to be my first ever Pokémon Shield Version team. Please let me know of any changes to movesets/items/team members please because I welcome all opinions as long as they are told respectfully.

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I completed Pokemon Shield with this team, and it was really fun to use. It can be used in both Sword and Shield. So, here are the members at a glance:

Team Breakdown


Inteleon @ Mystic Water
Ability: Torrent
- Snipe Shot / Surf
- Dark Pulse
- Ice Beam
- U-turn

I decided to build a team around Inteleon, utilizing a Fire / Water / Grass Core. I picked Inteleon due to it being the fastest of the Galar starters you can choose. Snipe Shot can be used for critical hits, while Surf is for a stronger water move. Dark Pulse is coverage that can target ghost types to help out with Allister (if you're playing Shield) and has a chance to flinch. Ice Beam targets grass and dragon types, which can be useful for the Hammerlocke Gym and and Leon's Dragapult and Haxorus. U-Turn allows you to do chip damage and bring in another teammate.

Inteleon learns Snipe Shot upon evolving, while Surf is learned via TR04. Dark Pulse is learned via TR58, Ice Beam is learned via TR04, and U-turn can be learned via level up.


Roserade @ Miracle Seed / Poison Barb
Ability: Natural Cure
- Giga Drain
- Sludge Bomb
- Shadow Ball
- Spikes / Dazzling Gleam / Growth

Roserade fills the grass type slot in the fire / water / grass core. Roserade is deals with water types pretty well. You can find Budew and Roselia in the Wild Area early, so if you don't want to deal with evolving Budew via happiness, you can spare the time by catching a Roselia. Roserade has an advantage over Nessa, Allister, Opal to an extent, and Gordie (if you're playing Sword). Giga Drain is a move that heals you while doing damage and can be learned by TR or the Move Reminder once you get a Roserade. Sludge Bomb is learned by TR59 and provides good utility with the 30% poison chance. Shadow Ball is useful coverage against Poison- and Ghost type Pokemon which is helpful against Allister and Leon's Aegislash. Spikes helps you weaken grounded Pokemon, which helps the team. Dazzling Gleam can be used for coverage against dragon types. Growth can be used if you want to boost your special attack to become a more offensive threat.


Centiskorch @ Silver Powder
Ability: Flash Fire
- Fire Lash
- Leech Life
- Crunch
- Coil

The fire type Pokemon of the fire / water / grass core. Although it's tough to find on Route 3, this Bug/Fire type is very useful against Milo, Melony (if playing Shield), Bede, Piers, and Chairman Rose. Fire Lash is a really good fire move that lowers the defense stat of opposing Pokemon. Leech Life is for bug STAB that heals you and can be taught via TR. Crunch is good coverage against Pokemon like Leon's Dragapult and helps with Allister. Coil is a move that Centiskorch gets early and makes Centiskorch threatening once it getts off a Coil boost.


Corviknight @ Leftovers / Metal Coat
Ability: Pressure
- Brave Bird
- Steel Wing / Iron Head
- Body Press / Power Trip
- Bulk Up / Hone Claws

Corviknight can be caught really early as a Rookidee in the game. The Steel typing it gets is really useful. Brave Bird is a powerful flying STAB move. Steel Wing is steel STAB that can be learned upon evolving. Iron Head is for more power and is taught by TR. Bulk Up boosts your attack and defense stat, which makes Body Press stronger, which can deal with most opposing steel types. Hone Claws is learned via level up and if you use it over Bulk Up, Power Trip takes advantage of the boosts you get and allows you to deal with Pokemon like Aegislash.


Togekiss @ King's Rock / Sharp Beak
Ability: Serene Grace
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Air Slash
- Dazzling Gleam
- Flamethrower
- Nasty Plot

Yes, I know I have two flying types on this team, but Togekiss is a really useful member. Its fairy typing comes in handy vs the Team Yell Grunts, Piers, and Raihan's dragon types (bar Duraludon, but it has no special defense). You also need another Shiny Stone, which you can get using the Digging Duo. You can get a Togepi in Hammerlocke by trading a Toxel, or if you're lucky, you can get a Togepi in the Wild Area via max raid battle. Air Slash is flying STAB that is learned upon evolving Togetic into Togekiss. Dazzling Gleam is for fairy STAB and is learned by TR. Flamethrower is also learned by TR and targets steel types. Nasty Plot makes you a threatening sweeper, especially in a battle that allows you to Dynamax your Pokemon, as you can use Nasty Plot, Dynamax, and use Max Airstream.


Golurk @ Soft Sand
Ability: Iron Fist
- Earthquake
- Phantom Force
- Drain Punch / Close Combat
- Ice Punch

Despite Golurk's 89/80/80 bulk and base 55 speed, Golurk's base 124 attack makes it an offensive threat. You can find Golett in the Wild Area at a place like Stony Wilderness. Golurk is useful against the Macro Cosmo trainers you fight if you want to reserve Centiskorch. Earthquake is strong ground STAB. Phantom Force is used as ghost STAB. Although you get the TMs Drain Punch and Ice Punch at Wyndon, they are good coverage moves. Close Combat is an alternative to Drain Punch for more power and is taught via TR, while Drain Punch allows you to recover HP. The fighting move is useful against dark types. Ice Punch allows you to hit grass types.

If you view my team here, you'll see that half of my team is weak to electric and ice moves. I don't find electric types too bothersome, as there aren't much you fight in major battles. If you're playing Shield, be sure to keep Centiskorch and Corviknight healthy as they can deal with Melony, who is an ice type gym leader. So, there you have it. Enjoy!

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Centiskorch Toxtricity Blastoise Hatterene Lucario Dragapult

This is the team I use for Pokemon Shield, although it doesn't have any version exclusives so it could be used for Pokemon Sword as well. This team has a lot of my favorite Pokemon, it is balanced with a lot of typings, and has no type overlap. I didn't include a starter, because I don't like this Gen's starters very much, but you could easily swap Centiskorch for Cinderace, Inteleon for Blastoise, or Rillaboom for Toxtricity. Many of these Pokemon have GMax forms, and while they aren't necessary, they are cool to have. Use Max Soup or find them in Max Raid battles if you'd like.

Centiskorch @ Charti Berry
Ability: White Smoke
Nature: Adamant or Naughty
- Coil
- Fire Lash
- Leech Life
- Power Whip / Scald
Centiskorch is one of my favorite Pokemon ever, with a unique and crisp design. It's fire typing is useful for the first Grass Gym, the Ice Gym, and the many steel Pokemon you fight later in the game. Coil is a very useful status move learnt relatively early. It provides Attack and Defense boosts in addition to the accuracy boost that allows it to use low accuracy moves such as Power Whip. Fire Lash is an amazing physical STAB fire type move, probably the best in the game, as it lowers the opponents defense. Leech Life is extremely useful for regaining health as well as providing major STAB damage. Power Whip and Scald can each be used for coverage, Power Whip pairing nicely with Coil, and Scald providing burn chances to protect Centiskorch's low Defense. Although Centiskorch is a physical attacker, it also has a fairly high Special Attack, allowing it to use this move. The fire spin mechanic of its GMax Centiferno isn't all that crucial, but the form change is cool. Centiskorch could be swapped with Cinderace if you want to use a starter on your team. You can find Sizzlipede on Route 3 or in raids. Watch out for Rock types! use Charti Berries so you don't get OHKO'd.
Subs: Cinderace or Arcanine

Toxtricity @ Magnet
Ability: Punk Rock
Nature: Timid or Modest
- Volt Switch
- Overdrive
- Sludge Wave
- Boomburst
Toxtricity is a key member of this team, with poison and electric type moves taking out water, flying, and fairy types as its main purpose. Volt Switch is an amazing pivot move that allows Toxtricity to switch out while dealing major damage. Overdrive is a must, dealing epic STAB damage when combined with Toxtricity's high special attack and Punk Rock ability. Sludge Wave is extremely useful STAB for taking out fairy type Pokemon. Boomburst is an all around coverage move, with extremely high base power that is boosted to even greater heights by Punk Rock. Toxtricity's GMax Stun Shock is useful for paralyzing or poisoning foes, not to mention it looks dope. You can use this in pairing with Max Ooze to boost Special Attack first for some devastating sweeps. Toxtricity can be swapped for Rillaboom if you want to use a starter, so that you can still deal with water types. You are gifted Toxel on Route 5, or you can find it in raids. Use a Magnet to increase the power of Volt Switch and Overdrive, allowing you to take out mons more easily.
Subs: Rillaboom or Roserade

Blastoise @ Wise Glasses
Ability: Torrent
Nature: Modest or Impish
- Shell Smash
- Surf
- Aura Sphere
- Dragon Pulse
Blastoise! An amazing Pokemon, and could even be a symbolic one when you use another Gen 1 starter to take down Leon's Charizard. It is only found on the Isle of Armor though, so if you don't have the expansion pass you could use Lapras or Inteleon instead. Shell Smash is an insane status move, boosting Attack, Special Attack, and Speed all in one, providing setup for sweeps. Surf is a great STAB option, doing massive damage after a Shell Smash. Aura Sphere is a great option for coverage, and always hits so that's nice. Dragon Pulse is great for coverage, as it's only resisted by steel and fairy types. GMax Cannonade doesn't have that much of a benefit, but it certainly looks awesome. You are gifted Squirtle after the first stage in the Dojo Trials (you can go to the Isle of Armor after going to the Wild Area for the first time). Use Wise Glasses to up the power of Blastoise's special attacks.
Subs: Inteleon or Lapras

Hatterene @ Leftovers
Ability: Magic Bounce if possible, otherwise use Healer
Nature: Modest
- Calm Mind
- Psyshock
- Dazzling Gleam
- Mystical Fire
Hatterene is such a good Pokemon, with great bulk and offensive options. Its Magic Bounce ability is again great for dealing with status moves, although if you can't get one with a hidden ability, Healer works fine too. Calm Mind is great for setup, boosting Special Attack and Defense. Psyshock is useful for hitting Specially Defensive Pokemon with a special STAB move that hits physically. Dazzling Gleam is a great fairy STAB, especially useful in double battles. Mystical Fire is a great coverage move, and further capitalizes on Hatterene's high Special Defense by lowering the opponents Special Attack. GMax Smite is great with its confusion effect, as this allows for another status to be stacked with it. Hattena can be found at Motostoke Outskirts or in raids. Use Leftovers to regain health more often, as Hatterene is super slow and will get hit with attacks.
Subs: Grimsnarl or Gardevoir

Lucario @ Assault Vest
Ability: Inner Focus
Nature: Lonely, Naughty, Hasty, Naive, Mild, or Rash
- Aura Sphere
- Meteor Mash
- Ice Punch
- Dark Pulse
Lucario acts as a mixed sweeper, with a combo of super-effective coverage and STAB attacks that will make the opponents team pay. Aura Sphere is an amazing STAB move that takes use of Lucario's high Special Attack, and it is super reliable as it never misses. Meteor Mash is a great physical STAB steel option that can even raise Lucario's attack. Ice Punch is a great coverage move, sweeping through ground, grass, flying, and dragon types. Dark Pulse offers additional coverage, and varied special attack in the moveset. Riolu can be found in the Wild Area overworld or in raids. Use an Assault Vest to capitalize on the Special Defense boost when using only attacking moves.
Subs: Corviknight or Gallade

Dragapult @ Spell Tag
Ability: Clear Body
Nature: Lonely, Naughty, Mild, or Rash
- Dragon Darts
- Shadow Ball
- U-Turn
- Draco Meteor
Dragapult ties up the team as an amazing psuedo legendary and mixed attacker. While it doesn't become viable until it evolves into Drakloak at level 50, Dreepy can be found in rare raids after the first gym, so you don't have to wait until the end of the game to obtain it. Dragon Darts is a necessary physical STAB move with amazing power, and its own double battle mechanic. Who doesn't like hurling dragon babies! Shadow Ball is a great STAB ghost option for utilizing Dragapult's Special Attack stat. U-Turn is great for pivoting while dealing damage, and can erase the stat drops from Draco Meteor. Draco Meteor is an epic move that does massive damage, and although it lowers Dragapult's Special Attack, this can be ignored after a simple U-Turn. Dreepy can be found at the Lake of Outrage or in raids. Runerigus is another great option, as currently I haven't included a reliable way for dealing with electric types, but I enjoy having a psuedo-legendary on my team. Use Spell Tag to increase the damage output of Shadow Ball, because this is the weakest attack that Dragapult has.
Subs: Runerigus or Duraludon

I know this team has lots of checks and flaws, but I love playing with it, and I hope you do too! Enjoy!

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This was my team for Pokemon Sword, 2 years ago

Inteleon: When I first saw the Starters, I was in disbelief. However, James Pond the Inteleon grew on me. Inteleon is a special Glascannon, meaning that it cannot survive multiple attacks. It is worth mentioning that it can solo Kabu, Gordie, Leon's Rhyperior and 2 dragons, Hop's Cinderace and Raihan's ground types and Gigalith . For it's moveset, I suggest you to run Snipe Shot (high crit chance) or Scald (30% burn chance) in addition to Hydro Pump to hit hard opponents. Ice Beam is coverage against pesky Grass types and Dragons. For the final move slot, you can choose between U-turn (for pivoting), Dark Pulse/ Shadow ball (coverage against Psychic and Ghost) or Focus Energy (to increase your critical hit ratio). Before you are able to evolve your drizzile into Inteleon, It should know Focus Energy and Water Pulse as its main moves. Make sure that your Inteleon is either Modest, Timid or even Hasty natured.

Orbeetle: My Madlad (yes, that's the nickname that I gave to my Orbeetle) was a very useful Pokemon. She was quite fast and could hit hard. I believe that the orbeetle line are the first Bug/Psychic type Pokemon that we ever get too. For its moveset, I suggest you to run Calm Mind (to boost your amazing Special Attack and defence), Psychic or Psyshock (the former is learned at level 36 while the later can be learn through a TR) as your main Psychic STAB, Bug Buzz which is learned at level 28 (your main Bug STAB) and Energy Ball (coverage against Rock types mostly and obtainable as a TR). Before getting Orbeetle, your Blipbug or Dottler (which I assume that you caught at early at the first routes) probably has Struggle Bug, Confusion and the two Screens (LIght Screen/ Reflect). Orbeetle can solo Milo's team, Bea's team besides Pangoro and Leon's Rillaboom, as well as your rivals Marnie and Bede. A suggested nature is Modest.

Corviknight: The Regional Bird, probably one of the best regional birds since Gen 4 introduced Staraptor. Corviknight is a better Skarmory from what I understand, with better offensive stats. It's line is also the 3rd Pokemon line to be primary Flying type. My Raven (nickname for my own Corviknight) was very useful at tanking hits and retaliating with Brave Bird/ Body Press. Corviknight does fantastic against Milo's entire team, Kabu's ace Centiskortch, Bea's entire team, Opal's entire team, Hop's Trevenant, Marnie's Toxicroak and Bede after he became a Fairy-type trainer. For it's Moveset, I suggest you to run Hone Claws (lvl up and learnable early/ a move that increases attack and accuracy), Brave Bird (it's best STAB Flying type option with recoil), Steel Wing (learned after evolution to Corviknight/ boosted by Hone Claws) and finally, Body Press (focused on Corv's amazing defence and also turns into Max Knuckle upon dynamaxing/ learned through TR). As a Rookidee/Corvisquire, you should have Taunt and Pluck (which later upgrades into Drill Peck). For a suitable nature, go for Adamant or Impish.

Coalossal: This is what Macargo should have been. Coalossal takes its "use your disadvantage as your advantage" to another level with two words: Steam Engine, an ability that increases your speed upon getting hit by Water or Fire moves. Coalossal is a tank (not suprised) and can take a few super effective hits quite well. My Titan (nickname..again) was able to pull off this strategy in many battles while dynamaxed. Coalossal does great against Milo (as a Carkoal), kabu's entire team, Gordie's team (you will see how in a minute), Raihan's team (yes, it does well against Raihan despite it's weakness to both Flygon and Sandaconda), Chairman Rose's ENTIRE Steel type team and did I forgot to mention that it's the Ultimate Charizard killer? For it's moveset, I suggest a mixed set: Flamethrower as your usual Fire STAB, Rock Slide/Stone Edge as your usual Rock STAB, Stealth Rock (mainly for Charizard) and it's secret weapon, Scald (somehow, Coalossal can learn Scald, which is very helpful against Gordie). A suggested nature is a neutral one. As a Rolycoly/Carkoal, you can use Smack Down and Incinerate.

Note: For the battle with Raihan, keep Water Gun on Inteleon and make it Coalossal's Partner. Make sure that Coalossal has ev investments in Spdef and dynamax it first round. Use Max Geyser on both Raihan's ground and rock types while Inteleon uses Water Gun on Coalossal for the speed boost. Finish the rest of raihan's mons with Inteleon (now has it's water moves boosted by rain and Ice beam) as well as Sirfetch'd.

Sirfetch'd: Remember Farfetch'd? Yes, this is it now. Farfetch'd (or in that case Galarian Farfetch'd) recieved a massive buff with a new evolution. A pure fighting type by the way. My Madame Fetch'd (mine sirfetch'd is a female) was the absolute mvp against Team Yell. Sirfetch'd does well against Nessa's Drednaw, Bea's team with flying type coverage, Gordie (poor Gordie, he can't take a breathe), and Pier's entire team (it is worth mentioning that the entire Team Yell is a victim of Sirfetch'd' and Macros Cosmos's staff members too). For its moveset, I suggest Brick Break (main STAB option), Knock Off/Brutal Swing (coverage for Psychic and Ghost types), Brave Bird (learned at level 65/ coverage against Bug and other Fighting types which causes recoil) and Sword Dance (learnt at level 45, massive attack boost). As a Galarian Farfetch'd (which btw, you need to get 3 critical hits in a battle to evolve it), you can run Rock Smash and Fury Cutter. Suggested nature is Adamant.

Fun fact: Sirfetch'd has higher base attack stat than Base (non-Mega) Garchomp

Toxtricity: Last but not least (and greatest), we have Toxtricity. The very first Electric/Poison type in the series. Roxie (named after the 2nd gym leader of BW2, also suprisingly fitting name) was probably the weakest of my team but she could handle a few Pokemon in Hop's and Bede's teams. Toxtricity is also extremely vulnerable against Ground and Steel types (thank arceus that no major battle had an Excadrill or Steelix). For its moveset, you can give it Overdrive ( Electric STAB), Venoshock (Poison STAB/boosted by Toxic), Toxic (status condition) and Boomburst (the only special coverage thing has). As a Toxel (which btw was horrible), Nuzzle was incredibly useful.