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I just evolved my Drakloak into Dragapult and I was trying to make a move set of:
- Shadow Claw
- U-Turn
- Steel Wing
- Dragon Claw

But it said it can't learn Shadow Claw even though it can learn Dragon Claw. Anybody know why?

I'm pretty sure it is because the black part is the 'Dragon' part and the blue part is the 'Ghost' part.
Its arms are in the black part so...

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Well, there's no real reason of saying. I mean, Bronzong is literally the "Bronze Bell" Pokemon, but yet it can't learn heal bell when all the other Pokemon that can learn heal bell aren't bells. Pokemon just is gonna be like this some times. Sorry.

Heal bell's description specifies that it's a "soothing" bell. Does Bronzong look soothing to you?
Soothing enough to put you to sleep with Hypnosis.
But are you sure the soothing hypnosis part is the bell? Most hypnosis users can't also learn heal bell.
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That's gamefreak for you. Sometimes their logic just doesn't begin to make any kind of sense and there is no real way to know why unless you are able to ask them directly. Pokemon can learn moves which they shouldn't be able to such as Pikachu can learn surf or Gastly being able to learn ice/fire punch, while they can't learn moves that they should such as Garchomp with dragon dance or Growlithe can't learn growl.