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I think this is pretty straight forward but this is my situation: I have a Snorlax with a move-set that I’m pretty committed to which is Belly drum, Stockpile, Rest, and a damage move. So far, I want to put heavy slam in but if it is not effected by belly drum, then there would be no point in belly drum. Please advise.

I'm pretty sure weight raises heavy slam's power, and both the move's power and user's attack stat are used to calculate damage, so raising the attack stat will still raise damage in this case. However, I'm also pretty sure that max power heavy slam is still weaker than STAB body slam.
But Body Slam is walled by Ghosts.
@ sumwun, this helps a lot. I just don’t think I’ll go for body slam cause like @ KRLW890 said, it can’t hit ghosts.
I guess that depends on how well your teammates can handle ghosts. Body slam is much stronger if the opponent is a water Pokemon, like Toxapex.

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Yes, any stat changes to your attack stat (or SpA, in the case of Grass Knot) will affect weight-based moves.

Although, with the recent release of Sword/Shield, I feel the need to note that weight-based moves will always fail on Dynamaxed Pokémon, so you can be completely walled for three turns if you use it as your only damaging option (although Dynamaxing in response can solve this since it’s not weight-based as a Max Move).
This is very helpful. Thank you.
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