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If so, which ones work?

Entrainment and trace were the only ones that worked in USM. I don't know about SwSh.
Are you trying to spread Wonder Guard, or replace it?  Your question doesn't specify.
I'm trying to spread it to other Pokemon.

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Role Play fails if the target has the Ability Wonder Guard. Skill Swap fails if either Pokémon has Wonder Guard. Wonder Guard cannot be copied by Power of Alchemy or Receiver.


Trace can copy Wonder Guard. Trace can be swapped by Skill Swap.


Entrainment fails if the target's Ability is Truant, Multitype, Stance Change, Schooling, Comatose, Shields Down, Disguise, RKS System, or Battle Bond.


From what I've found, the only ways to get Wonder Guard on a Pokemon that doesn't already have it are with Trace and Entrainment. Also, any Pokemon that uses Transform on a Pokemon with Wonder Guard will get the ability, as well as any Pokemon that has Imposter.

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I'm pretty sure transform works for any Pokemon that can learn it (ie. Mew and mimic users), not just Ditto.
Didn't think about that, I'll add it.
Thank you!