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I'm building another team in Pokemon Showdown, this time for the VGC 2020 tier, and I want to run Mold Breaker Excadrill as my first Pokemon. However, I'm hung up on choosing Tyranitar or Rotom Wash as a partner. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Why not both?
Because I'm not using a Sand Rush Excadrill, and I don't know how pointless it would be if I used a Sand Stream Pokemon along side a Mold Breaker Pokemon that also can have Sand Rush.
But if Tyran and Rotom Wash still provide other types of important support then there's no reason not to run both. If you can justify its existence then you can use it.
As an aside, VGC 2020 isn't a tier. It's just a battle format.
Welp I guess I'm running both. Also it's probably good to know that VGC 2020 isn't a tier. Thanks!
Breviary + Mold Breaker Ecadrill is a strong core

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It'll depend on the rest of your team, as I see it both those Pokemon have anti synergy with mold breaker exadrill. Mold breaker will make you hit rotom w through levitate with earthquake and ttar is weak to ground and provides no coverage or protection to mold breaker exadrill other then like the sandstorm dealing a bit of damage so your calcs can be more accurate. And earthquake is pretty much a must have for a good vgc exadrill. I'd highly recommend you give up on both unless you're considering particular pivotting strategies using protect. But even then you're playing a pretty obvious game. And you're going to be faked out to oblivion I promise you that kek

Excadrill is still viable if it knows high horsepower instead of earthquake. High horsepower is stronger but targets one opponent.