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It appears as though based upon its Pokedex description, but I thought it was really rare overall anyway.

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That’s what i thought but i gotta admit the pokedex DOES say it was spoken if in legends
Volcarona's base stat total is 550. Almost all legendaries have at least 580 BST, and all pseudo-legendaries have exactly 600 BST.

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Volcarona was never intended to be a legendary, mythical, or the like.

This is firstly because it can breed. No formal legendary Pokemon can breed. Secondly, no official source has ever referred to Volcarona as a legendary Pokemon.

Volcarona is not a 'pseudo-legendary' Pokemon either, as it does not have the traits to be categorised in this way.

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Volcarona isn't a pseudo-legendary. Legendary Pokemon can evolve. Manaphy isn't a legendary. Nintendo does not announce legendaries.
But yes, since it can breed to give other Volcarona, it is not a legendary.
i never said it was a pseudo-legendary. i said it would make sense if it was. there is a difference.
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For reference, there is no such thing as a 'semi-pseudo legendary'. It's a terminology made up by the Pokemon Wiki that has no definition and exists nowhere else.