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I just think I'll need help, just judging by how long it's taking me to grind for Fantina. And this is Diamond, in case you're wondering.

Just battle Byron until you get enough experience to win.
Anything else? I'm just concerned about how much money that would cost me.
What's your team? You might want to randomly drop some Pokemon so the remaining ones get more experience.
Torterra, Staraptor, Floatzel, Ponyta, Luxray, Riolu/Lucario (hasn't hatched). All except Riolu are lvl. 36.

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Make sure Torterra knows earthquake and Floatzel knows surf. Byron's strongest Pokemon is level 39, has 47 base special attack, and is 4 times weak to earthquake, so a level 36 earthquake Torterra and surf Floatzel should already be enough to defeat him.
If you still want to grind for some reason, then you should probably go to Iron Island. It has high-level wild Pokemon and some optional trainer battles. (it also gives you 10 physical defense EVs if you currently have less than 100 :P)
Also Riolu takes a lot of experience and is very likely not worth raising. Catch a level 28 Meditite on Route 211 (the east half) if you want a good fighting Pokemon. Those 28 levels come for FREE. Medicham has higher physical attack if you consider abilities, and it can learn high jump kick at level 32.

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Actually, my plan was to have my Ponyta take out his Bronzor and Steelix, and then have my Riolu or Lucario take out Bastion (spelling). I really don't mind grinding up a Riolu if it means getting the beast that is Lucario. But, I'll consider taking a Medicham instead.
It takes a certain amount of grinding to get a level 36 Lucario. The same amount of grinding can also get you a level 40 Medicham. If you think a level 36 Lucario is better than a level 40 Medicham, then go ahead and use Lucario.