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I am nearing the finish of one of my many HeartGold play-throughs and am interested in finding out if there is any way of re-enabling all of the timed events that happened back in 2010. If there is anyway, other than ActionReplay I would love to be informed. If there are any, please list some below and how to do them. Thanks.

I'm pretty sure there's no way. Everyone would have all the event Pokemon if so.
I think there's something called a "DNS server", but it probably counts as cheating.
unless its through hacking or glitches, pretty sure no.

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There is, actually. Although Nintendo shut down the official NDS servers, there are some people who made a custom server that tricks the game into thinking it’s official when you connect to it, without the need for any 3rd-party modification to your system or game. This video goes over how to connect to it. Once connected, you have unlimited access to old events through mystery gift, as well as the Gen 4 and 5 GTS. Keep in mind that you will need an access point that is compatible with the NDS, which isn’t super common anymore.
If you’re concerned about the legitimacy / stability of these event Pokémon and items, it’s a bit of a gray area, but most of the people I’ve talked to agree that they’re illegitimate. Although they’re completely safe and shouldn’t cause any corruption in your game.

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As of now, the only way to obtain the HGSS events is through changing the DS's DNS and Secondary servers in settings. You will also need a wifi router with a WEP security, for a greater chance of succession. It's not a guaranteed strategy, however it is an option besides Action Replay.

This video will guide you in doing so:
Video 1
A second alternative using similar strategy, link is below, you have to set up a guest network. The video will give you all the steps.
Video 2
Note: I trusted this process because it worked for me, but I can't 100% be sure if it works for everyone. Also, the feedback to the videos were drastically more positive than negative. Please let me know if I need to edit something or if you need more questions.