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This is just out of curiosity. Suppose a Pokemon got poisoned by toxic and it is the last Pokemon on that player's team and it spams its recovery move and his opponent toys with him and just lets him. So can the toxic eventually kill that player's Pokemon from full hp? I know that eventually toxic will deal more damage than a recovery move can heal so this would just be a hypothetical scenario where the Pokemon in question managed to maintain full hp even with the toxic wearing it down after like four turns. I'm asking this for both gen 6 and 7

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I did some poking around and basically found that in all generations, the cap for Toxic is 15/16 HP. Therefore, Toxic can't KO from full HP. :P

The only way a Pokemon could stall 15/16 Damage (Without Rest, which would remove Bad Poison) is to be in a Double Battle and use Recover while an ally Heal Pulses it. :P

Nevertheless, if the Badly Poisoned Pokemon would be damaged by any Trapping/Weather damaging effect, it could lose 100% HP in one turn. :P

Source: One, Two, EXP

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Oh, so the percentage caps out? I didn't know that lol
You can also have a low HP Pokemon use leech seed on a high HP Pokemon.
More specifically, the Toxic limit is 1/16 of max HP, rounded down (unless rounding down would give 0, in which case round up instead), times 15. The most direct way to demonstrate this difference is to imagine a low-level Pokemon with exactly 31 max HP: taking 15/16 of that will give 29, but 1/16 rounded down is only 1 and in fact the damage increases by just 1 at a time, topping out at 15. Such a Pokemon is therefore guaranteed to be able to outrace the Toxic timer without having to use anything more complicated than Recover or similar moves, for as long as those moves have any PP left.
Technically it is possible if you use toxic on a shedinja.
So it will survive with literally a hair of health left, now that's interesting. Thanks