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I'm playing White 2 for the first time, and recently discovered that I can get Volcarona through the relic castle. I really want to use it, but don't know which Pokémon to boot, and was hoping to get some suggestions from more experienced players. My team currently is:
Serperior: Level 40, Quirky Nature, Overgrow. Moveset is Coil, Slam, Leech Seed, and Leaf Blade.
Lucario: Level 36, Hasty Nature, Inner Focus. Moveset is Counter, Swords Dance, Force Palm, and Quick Attack.
Vibravia: Level 41, Hasty Nature, Levitate. Moveset is Rock Slide, Earth Power, Screech, and Dragon Breath.
Frillish: Level 39, Timid Nature, Cursed Body. Moveset is Surf, Rain Dance, Ominous Wind, and Recover.
Swoobat: Level 40, Timid Nature, Unaware. Moveset is Fly, Heart Stamp, Future Sight, and Air Slash.
Magneton: Level 35, Hardy Nature, Sturdy. Moveset is Flash Cannon, Thunder Wave, Electro Ball, and Metal Sound. Thank you!

Correct me if I’m wrong, because I’m new I don’t really know anything, but isn’t this for Rate My Team?
I'm Hunter, I'm not sure because I'm new too. I read the rules, but this isn't really rating my team, it's just asking which Pokémon do you guys think I should replace?
I think you should replace Swoobat because its stats are bad, and it has a lot of weaknesses.
@Hunter RMT is for competitive teams only.
Frillish or Swoobat

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Volcarona may be very strong, but its moveset isn't that good for a playthrough. You're stuck with moves like leech life, gust and fire spin until you can find decent TMs like flamethrower. Originally, I was undecided between chandelure and volcarona, and after seeing how hard it is to get good moves on volcarona, I went with chandelure. So, to answer your question, volcarona will not perform better than anything else in your team until very late game. You'll be waiting to get the flamethrower TM on the route before victory road. However, if you desperately want to use volcarona, I'd suggest that you replace swoobat.

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I think Volcarona can learn signal beam, which works before you get better moves like flamethrower.
sumwun, you're correct. I forgot about that. I still wouldn't replace anything on that team though, until the flamethrower TM is obtained. Then volcarona has some reliable STAB moves.