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Hi I'm currently hatching for a shiny Onix (8 boxes on Heart Gold) and I am not sure if my ditto works....

I went to the gts selected Pokemon: Ditto Loction: japan Gender and level: any, but it appears that I'm the third trainer

having this ditto (the first person is from japan) and I think the second person is at least not from japan and I don't

want to trade a new japanese ditto because everyone on the GTS wants like a mewtwo or some Pokemon like that but

my question is, is it the first or second trainer that counts in doing the masuda method? thankful for answer(s) :)

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It doesn't matter, as long as the Ditto is foreign (from a different language game cart than yours, i.e Japanese, French, etc.)

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And how do i know if the ditto is from another language game cart? the ditto is named ditto not メタモン