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everytime I try to trade between Pokémon from my white version to my black version it won’t let me is it because I’m not connected to the WiFi or I haven’t beat the game yet?

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You can't connect to WiFi anymore because the Nintendo WFC (Nintendo Wifi Connection) has been shut down for DS and Wii games as of May 20, 2014. Unofficial servers have been created to replicate WiFi connection though, if you want to look for alternatives.

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You don't need Wi-Fi, there is a way to trade locally and I did that when I evolved a Clamperl to Gorebyss.
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Well, it can’t be that you haven’t completed the game, so I’m going to guess it’s just a WiFi thing. It doesn’t matter what point in the game you are, but it is required to have WiFi connection.

To get the C-Gear, you need to beat the Striaton City gym, then receive the C-Gear after helping Fennel.

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You do need to have beaten the first Gym to gain access to the C-Gear, and as a result, trading, however. As long as you've helped Fennel, this shouldn't be an issue.
I actually don’t think I can trade anymore because I have a new account or something and it says it’s been taken down
What are you talking about? You restarted your cartridge?
Uhhh new account? What does that mean? Also, yes, you need C-Gear, but I thought you meant just transferring Pokémon.... I’m very confused
I bought a used copy deleted they’re old save file to make a new one
Oh ok. Are you just transferring the Pokémon, or actually trading?
Only the Dream World has been taken down. I did some Gen 5 trading recently, and it worked just fine. You can't even have new accounts on a Pokemon game, so your comment is slightly confusing.
I wanted to trade Pokémon from my white version to my black lol
It shouldn't make a difference if you bought a used copy. Trading functions remain the same.
Nope, it shouldn’t. Just connect to the internet, and if you are trying to actually trade between 2 different 3ds’s, you need the C-Gear
oh and I trade using the c gear srry I ya ent played black and white in awhile so I’m not sure how trading works on this game
I’m using a 2ds and a 3ds does that matter
Nope, it doesnt
I have WiFi connection and I’m using trade on the c gear and it’s not working lol so I give up tryna trade
Read Nebby’s answer.
I finally did it takes a whole lot:)
Can't you use a local wireless connection? I know for sure that gen 4 games don't need Wifi to trade.