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Well, I know Prankster+Light Screen+Reflect are the sets that Grimmsnarl run the most, but is it viable to run a full on attacking set? Like, 4 attacking moves with Pickpocket/Frisk. I mean, it has great attack and almost the same speed as Tyranitar, which isn’t too slow with 252 speed and Jolly.

So basically what I’m saying is, is Grimmsnarl good without Prankster?

Battle Tower and OU, to be exact about the formats.


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Hello! Here's my idea:

While it technically doesn't have four attacking moves, I'd recommend potentially a Frisk and Trick Set. With this set, the Grimmsnarl would carry a Choice Band (or maybe Scarf if you'd like, or for if you're doing a trick room team).

The opponent's item can be seen, and then you can decide if you want to switch your Choice Band with it. Obviously, it would be best against Special Attackers, and I suppose some stallers.

Here is a moveset for it; I'll use you 252 Speed and Jolly idea you had:

Grimmsnarl @ Choice Band
Ability: Frisk
Nature: Jolly (+Spe, -SpA)
EVs: 252 Spe / 252 Atk / 4 SpD
- Trick
- Spirit Break / Play Rough
- Darkness Lariat / Foul Play
- Stomping Tantrum

Hello again! In the EVs section, I used 4 SpD EVs, as many current Poison and Fairy Type OU Threats are Special Attackers overall, like Clefable, Toxepex, Togekiss, Gengar, and Hattrene. There are a few physical attackers, though, so this could definitely be switched. In addition, Trick is used for the... Trick Trick, the second and third move slots are for STAB, and the last move, Stomping Tantrum, can be used to deal with Poison and Fairy Types. However, they have many other options, such as Drain Punch, Power Whip, Leech Life, Shadow Claw, and the Elemental Punches.

I hope I helped!

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Prankster is too good of an ability to pass up. It's priority taunt and screens, making it the perfect prankster lead. It also gives you priority bulk up on offense.

Frisk isn't a bad ability, but if you care about the opponents items that much you can just run Knock Off.

Finally, Pickpocket is terrible. It relies on your opponent using a contact move and you not having an item.

Overall, unless you want to use a banded Grimmsnarl, use prankster.

some banded grimmsnarls run pickpocket for when they trick away the band
Whoops got sniped again lol.
but you wouldn't pickpocket the item, as grimmsnarl would gain the other item