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Both Rotom forms are good, but why in Gen 8 is Rotom-H in OU and Rotom-W in UU?

They both have the same stats, and Rotom-W technically has the better defensive typing. Also, against Mold Breaker Pokémon, Rotom-H has a 4x weakness to ground, while Rotom-W only has a 2x weakness.

So... why is Rotom-Heat in a higher tier than Rotom-Wash?

Edit: I saw this was flagged, so I want to make myself a bit clearer. Does Rotom-H counter Pokémon better than Rotom-W? Or does it have its own thing that sets it apart?

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Rotom has Levitate, so unless there is a Mold Breaker you aren't weak to ground.
Read it again: "Also, against Mold Breaker Pokémon" :P
I knew that.  Totally. :p
Yup totally. Anyway, my point is that in OU Scarfed Mold Breaker Excadrill will destroy Rotom-H
Cleared flags. We've allowed questions about why certain Pokémon are/aren't viable in competitive formats before.
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To put it simply, Rotom-Heat has a better matchup against the metagame. If you look at the current list, a lot more Pokemon hate taking Overheat, such as Aegislash, Bisharp, and Ferrothorn, mostly prominent steel types. Fire is a better offensive type against OU. Rotom-Wash struggles to do real damage against the metagame and has several common switch-ins such as Ferrothorn, Seismitoad, and even Hydreigon. Regarding your argument with Scarf Excadrill, Scarf Mold Breaker Excadrill is less common than the lead Focus Sash set, and either way both forms are going to lose to Excadrill due to the pure strength of Excadrill.

Hope this helped!

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Thanks!!! :)

I was really confused about the tiering, tbh. :P