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I was thinking of starting a new save file on Shield, and I want to pick Grookey, if that helps. Anyway, I was wondering around what level should each of my team members be for each gym if I have, let’s say, 3 super effective moves for each of the gym leader’s Pokémon. Also, levels for each trainer in the Champions Cup as well.

Hope this isn’t too confusing.

Also, I’ll try to do a nuzlocke so I think I should over level.


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Grass Gym: Level 22

The grass gym isn't too threatening. With Grookey, you shouldn't need to over-level too much because of the resistance. If you are facing the gym without a resistance, you might want to level up a bit more, because even a neutral hit from the dynamaxer does a crazy amount of damage.

Water Gym: Level 27

Again, a hit from the dynamax Pokemon (Drednaw) will hurt a lot even when it's a neutral hit, especially in rain. But if you have been able to keep Grookey, you won't have any problems.

Fire Gym: Level 31

This is probably one of the hardest gyms in a SwSh nuzlocke run. Bug + Fire really hurts most of the Pokemon found in Galar, and the Pokemon you catch in the gym are too weak to do anything against the gym. Over-leveling even more than 31 wouldn't be a bad idea at all.

Ghost Gym: Level 39

Not too hard.

Fairy Gym: Level 42/43

Not too hard.

Ice Gym: Level 46

Just be wary of the offensive prowess of Ice type Pokemon. Over-leveling a bit more might not be a bad idea.

Dark Gym: Level 50

This gym isn't necessarily hard, it would just be good to over-level a bit just in case.

Dragon Gym: Level 55/60

This one you are most likely going to want to over level on, because it's a double battle and a Pokemon getting double teamed could result in a loss.

Champions Cup: Level 65

You might be a bit over-leveled, but the opposing Pokemon levels will catch up fast.

Leon: Level 75

Even when over-leveled, Leon has a decent enough team with tons of coverage to really put on the hurt.

Hope this helped!

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For the Ice gym, I’m a bit more scared of Aurora Veil. I’ll be Dynamaxing myself, so I’m not too scared of max moves.

Anyway, thanks! :)
no problem!
... those levels seem very high. I don’t think you need to be any higher than 50 for Raihan’s Gym, you just need to know what’s coming. And I got away with being level 60 for Leon with a fairly awful team, he’s really not that hard. In the champion’s cup, the levels go up by one for each gym Leader, so Nessa has around 53, Allister has around 54 and Raihan has around 55.
Um, it’s a nuzlocke. I want to be as careful as possible, just in case.

Also, beating Leon for me was hard the first time....

Maybe cuz my ace was an Umbreon but that isn’t the point.
But that takes the fun-that-isn’t-fun out of it! It sounds like you’re being overly cautious. Just because it’s a nuzlocke doesn’t mean you should go and battle Hop and Marnie with their level 49 Pokémon with level 65 Pokémon. That would be overkill. Also, for the third gym, get a Rolycoly for your route 3 encounter.
you could maybe get away with level 60s in the champion cup and 70s for leon
Jeez, I don’t think the fun of nuzlockes is to get you Pokémon killed.

Also, this is like my first nuzlocke that I’m going to finish, my second one total. So imma work a bit harder to beat the game.
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this is just what I might do

gym 1: 20-25lv for 2-3 pokes 25-30lv for 1 poke
gym 2: 25-30lv for 2-3 pokes ( I'm assuming two pokes by now )
gym 3: 30-35lv for 2-3 pokes
gym 4: near 35 for 3-4 pokes
gym 5: near 40 for 3-4 pokes
gym 6: near 45 for 3-4 pokes
gym 7: near 50 for 3-4 pokes
gym 8: 50-55 for 4-5 pokes
champions cup : 65-70 for 5-6 pokes

i just thought of what seemed likely

Eh I’d probably have more, you know, the Wild Area and stuff. Wait... hopefully I don’t lose a bunch of Pokémon :O
Also, thanks to you too!