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I don't want to delete my save file, but I am seeing responses on this site about how people deleted their save file on Sword and Shield. I didn't know you could do that. I thought Game Freak expected you to just make another switch account and then start over. Is it another button combination like it was on the 3ds?

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Go to System Settings
Go to the Data Management tab
Select Delete Save Data
Select Pokemon Sword / Pokemon Shield
Delete the Save Data for the relevant user
Select Delete Save Data when prompted

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Go to the home screen on your switch, and select Data Management. Scroll down to "Delete Save Data". Choose Sword or Shield. Select your profile, and choose to delete that data. The Switch will remind you it cannot be recovered. Proceed. Your save data is now gone.

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Here are the steps that you're going to have to do to restart Pokemon Sword and Shield and to delete your existing save data:

1) Go to System Settings.
2) Go to the Data Management tab.
3) Select Delete Save Data.
4) Select Pokemon Sword / Pokemon Shield.
5) Delete the Save Data for the relevant user.
6) Select Delete Save Data when prompted.
Jan 15, 2020

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No, actually, to delete a save file, you must do the following steps:

  1. From your Nintendo Switch's home screen, select System Settings. Scroll down to Data Management.
  2. On the right side of the screen, scroll down to Delete Save Data.
  3. A list of your save files will appear. Click on Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield.
  4. Click Delete Save Data for (your user name).
  5. Your Switch will remind you that deleted save data cannot be recovered. Click Delete Save Data.
  6. Your save data will be deleted. When the process is done, select OK.
  7. To get back to the Home menu, press the Home button on your right Joy-Con.
  8. To start a new game, simply select Pokémon Sword or Shield from the main menu.

Source (I also tried it myself)

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