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I want to know what level I should at least be to fight Brawly.

Grovyle lv 18
-Fury Cutter
-quick Attack

Lombre lv 15
-Nature Power

Aron lv 10 (just caught him, so don't judge me)
-defense curl or harden? I forgot
-growl? I also forgot, but I know aron's only attacking moves are headbutt and tackle

Zigzagoon as HM slave
Abra as Flash HM slave (should I make it my Pokemon?)

Pls make improvements and also mostly tell me what level should I be to fight Brawly in sapphire.
I'm new to sapphire, so for the second time, no need to judge me. I'm still a noob, so help me be a pro >:)

Why do you have 2 grass Pokemon?
Lombre counts as a water type too
Why don't you use a water Pokemon that shares less weaknesses with Grovyle, like Starmie?
Cos i dont know how to catch one, sorry man. Or woman.
Easy. Catch a Staryu, evolve it with a Water Stone.
What a fiddlesome mess
How to get one staryu X?

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His highest level Pokemon, his Makuhita, is at level 18, so level 17-20 is probably a good range to be at. Keep Aron and Zigzagoon out of that battle, as both are weak to his Pokemon. Only bring them in as fodder if you need to heal another Pokemon.

I would very much recommend using Abra, don't just have it as an HM slave. If you still want an Abra as an HM slave, catch another. However, be mindful of Makuhita's Knock Off.

Both Grovyle and Lombre would probably do decently, so use them if Abra falls. But if you get around Level 20, you shouldn't have many issues.

Alternatively, I believe in Gen 3 you can skip Brawly and save him for later. If he poses too difficult a challenge, simply skip him until you're better prepared.

Hope I helped!

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That's later in the game. Keep your original Abra as the flash user, and just catch another abra to evolve and use against Brawly.
i need to get some help, lol. anyway, i'm not just gonna navigate blindly right? in the cave?
Look up a guide for the cave if you're having difficulty.
anyway, thanks for the info, i'm not gonna make this never-ending, so I guess I'm gonna have to do what I'm bad at: patient at grinding. NOOOOOOOO
Good luck, glad my answer helped!
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Catch a Wurmple and evolve it into Beautifly/Dustox, they both have double resistance to Fighting and both knows moves that are super-effective against Brawly's Pokémons.

Thanks for the answer and everything, but I want to know what LEVEL should I at least be!!!!
Sorry for the exclamation marks
its ok. i forgive you.
Around 15-18 you should win.